Crayons with a difference

Finally we have the stunning stackable , non toxic crayons in store, they have been on our wish list for so long, and then we discovered they are distributed from the lovely people at Studio Skinky, which is only in Erskinville,
neighbours!. Anyway boxed sets of 12 delicious colours retail for only $9 a box, and they make a lovely gift.


This little darling is Audrey. She'd already won us over with her big smile, but when she modelled these Frankie Ray shades for us, it was all a bit of a cutesplosion really.

Earth Tribe

Earth Tribe are all about beautifully hand crafted toys and products that are fair trade, natural and sustainable. They scour the globe to find stunning little pieces that kids will adore. As they themselves say:

"Earth tribe is about supporting a clean planet, fair choices and imaginative play. We value traditional skills and see our products for the big picture, not just the end result."

Well we love them all and they are in store now.


All made using natural dyes and organic lacquers, these are very popular  toys in Shorties

Vintage Finds

'Old School' Play equipment

Although Magic Mountain, in Merimbula,is very modern and snazzy, thankfully it still maintains some wonderful old play equipment, which I photographed on our recent family holiday.
posted by Celia

Two Windmills cute creations

We have just recieved some more gorgeous, gorgeous handmade creations from Two Windmills. Clever Rachael has been very busy indeed. How cool is the one with the moustache!

Ilya's Ideas

Hello again, it’s been a long time since my first blog entry. I was busy going on lots of holidays. Lucky me!

This week I made a RAINBOW SALT JAR. We make them sometimes at afterschool care and they are awesome!

This is great for making rainbows on a rainy day.

You will need:

A medium glass jar, salt, coloured chalk, A4 scrap paper

What to do:

1.   Pour some salt onto a piece of paper.

2.   Before you do this step make sure your hands are clean and dry. Ask an adult to help you with this next stuff. Take a piece of coloured chalk and roll it over the salt. You need to press as hard as you can while you are rolling. Roll, roll and roll some more all over the salt and the salt will turn the colour of the chalk. 

I love how the chalk makes the salt coloured. It’s like magic!

3.   Do the same as the last step for each coloured chalk. Remember to wash your hands and get a new piece of paper each time you start a different colour. You will need to be patient, as this will take a while to do. Ask an adult to help you so you can get it done faster.

Wow, look at all those colours!

4.   Now for the really fun part! Get your jar ready. Choose the colour you want to pour into the jar first and very carefully lift the long edges of your paper so the salt falls into the middle of the paper in a sort of line. Very slowly tip the paper so the salt pours into the jar. Try not to use all of one colour in the same go because you will need it later. Ask an adult to help you with this first colour.

This part is so cool!

5.   Do the same as the last step, for each colour. When you pour each colour in you can tap the jar a little bit so the salt goes into a neater line. Try not to tap too much or shake the jar because then all the colours will mix together and look yucky. You can pour in more of one colour and less of another or whatever you think looks good. Have lots of fun with this!

6.   Put the lid on the jar and enjoy your wonderful artwork.

Wow! It’s a rainbow in a jar

First Autumn Winter Arrivals: New Minti in store now

New Minti has arrived and let me tell you that you won't be disapointed. Gorgeous print and design teamed with the highest quality super soft fabrics make Minti a fave with the Shorties crew. Love, Love, Love it!

Outfit of the week!

This weeks model is showing off our new Minti Autumn range. Wearing black leggings with grey knee pads, geometric cardi, fair trade felt bag, Diablo hat, Frankie Ray shades and a crocheted cherry brooch by mel.

New knits in now!!

We have just received a wonderfully gorgeous selection of hand knits from the lovely Margo.All items are one offs, and exclusive to Shorties. Here's a little preview...

Shorties Summer Sale Update

If you haven't been in to check out the Shorties summer sale then perhaps our new $20 table may stir your interest. Amazing bargains await such as Missie Munster dresses and playsuits as well as Minti and Munster denim shorts. And don't forget  30% off all Munster, Little Horn and Minti clothing as well as reductions on some Mine denim, Tkxi Surf and Funky Trunks swimwear. Plus loads, loads more. Here are some piccies of reduced items in store...

Love Police Baby!!!

You may have already noticed, but we here at Shorties are big fans of Love Police. In case you didn't know, Love Police are a company specialising in event merchandising, rock inspired design and tour promotion and thank goodness they haven't forgotten the needs of all those mini rockers out there!

Their designs are the embodiment of instant coolness with their miniature band tees and clever rock and roll slogans. They even publish books! Sheesh, what don't they do? And who could resist those alternative alphabet books, M is for Metal and Never Mind Your P's and Q's. Have a look at what's on offer here at Shorties...
Classic Bon Scott Tee

Hoodoo Gurus Tee. Cool.

Who doesn't remember this from their childhood?


Very 70's Wolf tee

The coolest way to learn your ABC's for sure!


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