Catchin' Bugs

Mini Munster Playtime Tee - $34.95
Bug Catcher - $8.50
Munster shorts - $59.95
Acorn Hat - $29
Rare Rabbit Sunnies - $15

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Jungle Beats

Coq en Pate Tee - $29
Ladedah Cockatoo -
Sonny Boy Shorts - $
Saltwater Sandals - $69
Rare Rabbit Sunnies - $15 
Handknitted birds - 

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Paris in the Spring time

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Alphabetical Sydney Book

This is our Sydney, the brightest and best of it,

North to the south and the east to the west of it.
Bats and Cicadas, lawn bowls and the zoo,
This is our town. Let us share it with you.

A playfully and vibrantly illustrated book, created by Hilary Bell and Antonia Presenti, celebrates Sydney in all its diversity-from A to Z.

It features all of our favourite local places to go in Sydney and is a great gift for children whether they are still learning to read about Sydney or especially if they have already been to or seen the places described in this book such as Toronga Zoo pictured below!

Click HERE to read a review of Alphabetical Sydney in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Available in store at Shorties and online for $19.95 

Shortlisted for Australian Book Industry Award
Hardback Cover
56 Pages
17.5cm x 26.2cm

Post by Mel

Brick Layer

Playable Art Cube - $39
Sandy Feet shorts - $45
Nano blocks- Empire State Building - $49
Brikbag - $54.95
Acorn Darcy Trucker Cap - $29
Rare Rabbit Sunnies - $15

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Roll up, Roll up! Our new online shop is in town!

We are super excited to announce the birth of our new online shop! We can now offer you a much bigger selection of Shorties goodies, including the gorgeous new range of organic Naturebaby (pictured)

We'll be continuously uploading more and more products.
Check out our online shop here 

Quoits - $55
Hide and Seek Nautical Romper - $25
Ladedah Elephant Rattle - $15
Alphabetics by Little Gestalten - $32.50

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

And now for some more circus fun....

Natural and Earth Science Flash Cards

Eeboo Natural and Earth Science Flash Cards are a playful introduction to interesting facts about our world that may stimulate interest in learning more about a variety of scientific categories. 

The cards are divided into six categories: 
Flowers and Bugs, Mammals and Marsupials, Underwater and Water Birds and Leaves Weather and Celestial Fossils and Minerals.

All of the flash cards are beautifully illustrated to help younger children visually comprehend the scientific facts. The 48 cards will keep their minds busy for some time on your trips this holiday season!

48 Flash Cards

Cards Measure 15cm x 10.5cm

Post by Mel

Respect the Earth Flash Cards

Eeboo Respect The Earth Flash Cards 

Eeboo Respect The Earth Flash Cards uses friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. The 48 cards demonstrate answers to questions about relationship to the larger world that children can relate to. 

Toy Jumble Sale on this weekend!

Shorties is having a Jumble Sale to clear all discontinued toys this weekend.
We want them to go, so nothing is over $20!
We'll be setting up the Jumble sale outside our shop on King st,
this Saturday 8th November 10am - 4pm
So pop by to nab a bargain!

*All sales are final, no returns or exchanges and no vouchers

A very shorties summer

Sandy Feet Coral Stem Swimsuit - $45
Sandy Feet Rashie - $45
Bedhead Sunhat - $26.95
Little Sprout Watering Can - $12.95
Saltwater Sandals - $75
Hogravin Dog Bags, Handmade in Poland - $49

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Apple Munch

Rare Rabbit- sunglasses. $15
Broken Tricycle- apple much t-shirt. $29
Dana Pezzano- reversible pineapple hat. $39
Bouncy Balls- $3
Broken Tricycle- Treehouse t-shirt. $29
Transforming wooden twist and lock toy with wheels- $29
Munster- summer shorts. $49.95
Ladedah Kids- crochet crocodile. $69
Petit Collage- floor puzzle. $25

Minti Cactus

Indian Play Set with Teepee. $45
Minti- cactus t-shirt. $39.95
Indian's Suitcase with Dress-ups. $25
Minti- cactus trackies. $59.95
Hand Crochet- fox. $39

Hello panda

Kidfolk- tangram blanket. $79
Minti- panda playsuit. $44.95
Cheeky Little Soles. $39.95
Ladedah Kids- crochet mushroom rattle. $15
Nogarin- bunny rattles handmade in Poland. $25
Panda- handmade in Sydney. $35

On top of the world

Littlehorn 'Happy Planet' Tee - $34.95
World Map Puzzle - $25
Map of The World Poster - $29
Minti Palm Tree - $54.95
Globe - $12
Zing Glider - $15

Rouge La Luna

A rare total Lunar eclipse where the moon will turn red will be occurring this Wednesday night, 8th October.
The east coast of Australia is said to be the perfect spot for viewing, so make sure you don't miss it.
It's sure to be spectacular sight!

Let's party Miffy!

Rare Rabbit- hair elastic. $5
Rare Rabbit- sunglasses. $15
Little Horn- party dress. $49.95
Rare Rabbit- pop pom headband. $9
Miffy- money box. large- $35, small- $25
Skipping Rope- $9
Salt Water Sandals- $69
Socks with personality- $12 each or 2 for $20

Romping around the garden

Apple Lunch Box- $25
Handmade Hat- $35
Hand Knit Dino- $29
Book- Counting in the Garden- $25
Shorties own Design Playsuit- $49
Salt Water Sandals- $69

Gone Fishing

Littlehorn Tee - $34.95
Sandy Feet Hat - $29
Ladedah Cockatoo - $69
Saltwater Surfer Sandals - $69
Minti Palm Tree Shorts - $54.95
Freddy Alphabet Skull Cushion - $39
Coq en Pate Bucket and Spade - $29

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Flamingo Vine

Sapling Flamingo Vine Bodysuit - $25
Lovemae Dinner Set - $29
Tippy Toes socks (Box) - $25
Nogravin Baby Rattles handmade in Poland - $25

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Down by the sea

Coq en Pate shirt - $29
Sandy Feet Rashie - $39
Dena Pezzano reversible hat - $39
Kido Boat - $10
Skeanie Little Walker Shoes - $54.95
Petite Collage Floor Puzzle - $25
Sandy Feet Swimmer Bottoms - $25
Coq en Pate Whale Bucket and Spades - $29
Kido Whale - $19

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Tutti Frutti

Hide & Seek Top - $29
Minti Watermelon Skirt - $65.95
Fruit Tea Set in Carry Case - $35
Rare Rabbit Necklace Set - $19
Saltwater Sandals - $69
Minti Watermelon Tee - $44.95
Rare Rabbit Sunglasses - $15

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

cool cat

navajo baby

Wooden Indian Mobile - $25.00
Hootkid Sunday Best Onesie (Navy) - $35.00
Wooden Castanets - $3.00
Hand Knit Booties - $15.00
Kid O Mini Wobble Toys - $15.00
Ladedah Crochet Fox - $29.00
Uimi Yellow Striped Baby Blanket - $119.00
Cheeky Little Soles Baby Cowboy Boots - $39.00

Styled & Photographed by Ingrid

don't grow up

Stencil 101 Book - $39.00
Munster "Don't Grow Up" Tee - $39.95
Feiyue A.S High Scratch Sneakers - $69.95
Munster Cruz Pants - $69.95
Hoot Kid Sunglasses - $15.00
Munster (Wave Monster) Cap - $19.95

Styled & Photographed by Ingrid

bring on summer

Eeboo Floating Paper Bird Decoration - $6.00
Hoot Kid One Way Fedora (Yellow) - $25.00
Princess Swirl - $9.00
Eeboo Sketchbook - $10.00
Missie Munster Birds of a Feather Dress - $79.95
Hoot Kid Carnivale Scarf (Grey Marle) - $15.00

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

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