Sale continues!

It's going crazy in shorties with our mid-year sale instore!
We're having loads of fun and have decided to extend the sale with loads more added to the table.
Pop in to have a rumble on thru the table and nab some bargains!
See you soon x

Hipster made in Newtown

Styled and photographed by Ingrid 

Bunny and me

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Animal instinct

Styled & Photographed by Ingrid

$20 SALE on Minti, Munster, Hootkid, Hide & Seek and Bebe instore now!

Pssst, the Shorties $20 SALE is on right now, and just between you and me, it's kind of a big deal. All your fave brands are here, with prices on sale stock reduced to $20 or less!!
Buying up bargains for baby? Need new threads for the big kids? You won't want to miss seriously huge reductions on winter and trans-seasonal pieces from Munster, Minti, Bebe, Hide & Seek, Hootkid (featured) and more!

Stock is limited, so head on into Shorties for a good-old fashioned rummage. (Sale in-store only, ends Thursday 25th July).

In full Loom

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

It's cold down here in the Arctic

Littlehorn bear stripe jumper - $49
Eskimo play set - $45
Doodlebug bamboo black/white top - $39.95
Munster beanie - $34.99 (On Sale $20.99)
Hand knit polar bear - $39
Hand knit penguin - $39
Overcrawl gum boots - $29
Doodlebug bamboo anchor tights - $39.95

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Coolest cat in the street

Little Horn tiger jumper - $49
Nutcase stars and stripes helmet - $99
Feiyue red and blue velcro shoes - $69.95
Minti grey trackies - $55 (On Sale $33)
Hip Hop book - $25
Little Horn tiger long sleeve top - $35
Hootkid blue pom pom beanie - $ 24.95

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Rumble in the Jungle

Munster lion long sleeve top - $44.99 (On Sale $26.99)
Ethical finger puppets - $15
Munster Jack green trackies - $69.99 (On Sale $41.99)
Hand Knit beanie - $35
Animal Adventure sticky note book - $19 

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Ny-Ny Lamby

Hand knit cardigan - $49
Bebe pink knit beanie - $25 (On sale $18)
Bebe pink tights - $25 (On sale $18)
Uimi merino blue beanie - $35
Uimi merino wool blanket - $129
Lamb teddy - $39
Charley Harper color book - $15
Nature Baby lambs wool booties - $39

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Shorties Winter Clearance Sale!

Shorties End of Financial Year Sale has started!
Pop instore for huge reductions on all the big brands. 
You'll find amazing clothing for newborn through to 14 years with 40% off Minti, Munster & Hootkid.
There is also 25% Hide & Seek and Bebe clothing.
We have a few styles available online here with loads more styles instore now!

For a limited time only. Conditions apply

Little Hero Band

Boltz drum kit and balls - $15
Marching band journal - $25
Bebe red zip-up vest - $59 (on sale for $45)
Marching band card set - $25
Little Titans Little Hero tights - $35
Cheeky Little Sole leather cowboots - $49
Sture & Lisa squirrel top - $39
Red bear wobble doll - $39

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Travel Without Tears by Sally Webb

Do you ever contemplate taking a family trip but it all seems too hard?
Wonder how you'd stay sane with a toddler on a long-haul flight?
Does travelling with your kids give you a sense of terror rather than joy?
If the answer is yes, then Travel Without Tears is for you. 
This practical and entertaining guide is essential reading for anyone contemplating a family holiday or adventure.
It is packed with ideas and inspiration for where to go and when to do it, as well as practical tips to help you through every stage, from booking and planning, to coping on the road or in the air, and getting your kids fully engaged in the experience. Travel without tears starts here.

You can find a review of this book in The Australian here.

Sally Webb is an award-winning journalist specialising in travel, food and family.
She has authored nine Lonely Planet travel guides, including six on Italy and Rome, was deputy editor of both Travel + Leisure and Vogue Entertaining + Travel magazines and also food Publisher at Murdoch Books.
She writes travel articles for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age and reviews family friendly restaurants for Good Food.
As founder of bespoke travel specialists, Travel without Tears, Sally helps families create unique and unforgettable holiday experiences. 

Here is a review in the Sydney Morning Herald

Peaches and Cream

Little Horn pink flower dress - $49
Hide & Seek knit stripe jumper - $49
Tiger Tribe magnetic play case - $35
Pink bow hair tie - $6
Hand printed gift tag - $2
Recycled paper note book - $12
Walnut suede red zip boots - $79.95
Apple & Bee pink owl lunch box - $35
Ramo t-shirt - $35 

Styled and photographed by Ingrid


Available instore and online

Organic fruit for baby

Sture and Lisa apple onesie - $35
Sture and Lisa apple bib - $14.95
Hand knit strawberry beanie - $29
Apple and Bee green apple lunch box - $25
Ladedah Kids mushroom rattle - $15
Todos cherry sock shoes - $15 

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Indian dress up suitcase

Get back to basics with this mega fun Indian dress up kit and suitcase that encourages imaginative play. 

A perfect gift for that little explorer in your life.

Available instore and online

Styled and photographed by Ingrid


Minti pink cat hoodie - $49
Hand knit cat puppet - $19
The Stripey Street Cat book - $12
Frankie Ray black sunnies - $29
Diablo fingerless gloves - $5
Minti black cat knee tights - $34.95

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Hipster fisher

Doodlebug bamboo lumber jack top - $39.95
Skeanie sail boat classic shoes - $34.95
Doodlebug anchor bamboo trackies - $39.95 
Ladedah Kidshand crochet penguin teddy - $65
Littlehorn grey anchor jacket - $49
Kido whale bath toy - $19

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Dentist dress-up suitcase

Want to get all the kids pro dental and keep those pearly whites in regular check? 

This superb wood pretend dentist set is a great play and positive incentive.

A quality set that includes a dental hat, mask, teeth, toothbrush, mirror, toothpaste, tooth cleaner, tongue board and all contained in a very handy carry tin. 

Available instore and online

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Little Titan back in stock!

We are super excited to have these amazing tights from the UK back in stock after a fast sell out!
Here's their story...
"Baby Matilda was a comfy cutie in her stripey tights, free to crawl unhindered and stylish to boot. When little Kit came along, 'Tilda's old polka dots and candy stripes didn't quite fit the bill. He needed something boyish and brilliant that would let him strut his stripey stuff, bend it like Beckham or scale the back of the sofa like the real-life action hero he is.
Titans was born."

At Shorties we think they are equally as cute for little girls too, with some really gorgeous uni-sex designs available both instore and online.

They promise peace and harmony to families of the little sock-taker-offers everywhere, Titans are made of the highest quality combed cotton, have branded waistbands just like Dad's pants and will delight their young wearers with vivid designs that feed little imaginations. 

Ladybug love

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Duns ladybird dress - $39
Charley Harper 1, 2, 3's book - $15
Overcrawlers gumboots - $29
Duns tights - $29
Push toy - $5
Alexander Girard memory game - $25

New kid on the colour block

Bebe velour stripe onesie - $39.95
Skeanie classic red leather shoes - $29
Uimi infant socks and beanie set - $55
Wood rattle - $7
Hand knit cat teddy - $39
Uimi merino wool bassinet blanket - $129

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Precious pastel love

Doodlebug bamboo stripe onesie - $39.95
Jean-e handmade corduroy pinafore - $39
Hand knit stripe sweater - $35
Uimi merino wool blanket - $129
Blankie Giraff teddy - $39
Nuovo 'baby' card - $6
Skeanie silver/pink cow girl boots - $49
Ladedah Kids mouse rattle - $15
Littlephant crochet balls gift box set - $55
Hand knit cardigan - $39
Uimi stripe merino wool beanie and socks set - $55

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Cousins over the rainbow

Littlehorn rainbow stripe dress - $39.95
Grimms medium wood rainbow - $55
Littlehorn knit scarf - $24.95
Handknit owls - $29
Hand crochet ponchos - $45
Littlehorn frill skirt dress - $39.95
Kaper Kids skipping rope - $5
Eeboo Alphabet & Numbers game - $35
Rare Rabbit necklace/bracelet set - $12

Styled and photographed by Ingrid


Minti Zig Zag Crew jumper - $45 (was $49.95)
Mr Mystery secret agent spy book - $9.95
Marbles pack - $5
Feiyue 'Milk On The Rocks' leopard sneakers - $79.95
Minti Zig Zagg trackies - $49 (was $54.95)
Nanoblocks Empire State Building - $49

 Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Into the Woods - Part 2

Hand knitted orange vest - $45
Rebecca Daley handmade tree dress - $69
Apple comb - $7
Rare Rabbit yellow hair tie - $5
Hootkid yellow knit beanie - $24.95
Ladedah bunny knit teddy - $59
Walnut suede red boots - $79.95
Reversible tree puzzle - $49

Styled and phtographed by Ingrid

Into the woods

Littlehorn grey long sleeve tee - $35
Hand knit vest - $35
Love Mae bamboo cup - $8
Explorer suitcase - $55
Hand knit bunny beanie by Margaret  - $49
Ginger bread house case - $15
Walnut boots - $79.95
Doodlebug bamboo pants - $39
Hand knit animal puppets - $25

Styled and photographed by Ingrid

Buy your own coin opperated ride

Ride on, 

How much fun would it be to buy your very own Kiddy Ride,
Well over at Grays online you can,(auction finishes very soon)
Here are some of the fantastic choices...

Mummy, I want a pony....
Every now and then, Amusement companies sell off their old rides and they go for a song. 
The coin operated rides are getting more high tech these days so these will soon be classic collectibles. 
On my latest trip to my shopping center I was disappointed to see that inside latest coin operated car, there are video games. 
I know I'm a bit old fashioned but I have to admit I'm not a fan, Old school all the way for me. 

Stripey Street Cat

Minti stripe hoodie with cat print - $49.95
Hand Knit pompom beanie - $35
Red Kid O truck - $25
Skeanie navy leather pre-walkers shoes- $30
Ladedah monkey kids rattle - $15
Minti long sleeve stripe tee - $34.95
Bebe jeans - $49
Ladedah blanket - $69
Hootkid puffer vest - $49.95

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid


Hootkid Rock the Block grey and green romper - $34.95
Little Titan tights sunshine stripe- $35
Hand knit penguin Vest by Elaine - $39
Skeanie red leather pre walkers - $30
Littlephant crochet play balls (set) - $55
 Three colour circle Wood rattle - $19
Munster Gibbs trackies - $59.99
Uimi Indiana bassinet blanket 80 x 100 cm- $129
Uimi red rib pure wool beanie - $35
straw rattle - $19

Styled and Photographed by Ingrid

Plui Bath Toy.

Product feature

Plui Bath Toy

Plui- The rain Cloud beautifully illustrates the cycle of water and magically turns kids into rain makers.
The smart bath toy works like a pipette and make simple physics tangible and fun. The Plui Cloud is sure to inspire wonderful stories. It delights and surprises and quickly becomes an indispensable accessory during bath time.A hidden mechanism allows parents to open the cloud for cleaning.
The fab price of $15 makes this a great gift.

Dimensions 92 x 74 x 70 mm
Materials: ABS BPA-free, Phthalate-free , Latex free.

 Available in Shorties and online Shop now


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