Cousin fun!

Pretty Pickings handmade dress/top $49
Rare Rabbit fabric headbands $12 each
Chloe O'Reilly handmade sundress $55
crochet bags (puppy and bear) $29 each

Ingrid's Pick...Babe in neutrals

Noli Noli handmade wooden car $55
handknitted cotton romper $45
Ladedah mushroom rattle $15
Bambu baby bowl $25
Bambu wooden cutlery $15
handmade cotton playsuit $39
Go Home wooden dinosaur (large) $29
handknitted summer cardigan $45
Noli Noli assorted rattles $45

Doily Darling

Pretty Pickings doily sleeve dress/top $49
Kidsagogo fabric bunny (small) $7
Pretty Pickings handmade ra-ra skirt $39
Blafre thermos flask $48
Kidsagogo fabric bunny (large) $15

Shorties Kid,Milla.

Look at this little cutie pie,Isnt she a doll!, we think so.
Milla looked adorable in everything her mummy tried on her.

Teal and Purple

handknitted hippo by Margaret $59
handknitted summer cardigan (100% cotton) $45
Chloe O'Reilly handmade sundress $55
Rare Rabbit bead necklace & bracelet set $10
Blafre squirrel tin $25

Mix and match at the beach

Sandy Feet yellow floral rashie $45
Zimmerman frilly bottoms $25
Shorties sun hat  $39
Zimmerman one-piece in turquoise $69
Sandy Feet long sleeve rashy in grey stripe $49
Sandy Feet bottoms in yellow floral $29
Loumet ball $5

Thank you from Tiger...

Vintage decoration ideas for Chrissie

This is Crafty Christmas gold, take a look..

And for somthing a little off beat, why not try the artichoke candal holder.

Shorties Online Shop is OPEN

Well we have been saying that we where going to build an online shop for a couple of years now,
and lots things seem to kept getting in the way, The final decision to actually pull out all stops was made easy by two fabulous Shorties and Dragstar staffers, Katya and Ingrid.
Between the two of them the products where styled , photographed and uploaded in three weeks, Amazing!!!!

Here they are with our very first online purchases
Thanks heaps guys, you two totally rule.

So now we have a very sweet little online shop with a lovely selection of Shorties goodness for everyone to enjoy.Why not take a look through some of the categories, or tour the 'View all' option to see lots of different ideas unfold before you.
Tiger, our little stylist assistant.

And drop in again soon as there are still lots more items to be added, and we welcome your input as to what favorite Shorties items you want to see online. xx Celia

Shop Online

These products have all just been added to our new online shop!

Ingrid's pick...Play a tune around the campfire

straw trilby hat $23.95
Frankie Ray sunglasses $29
cassette tape wallet $19
Rare Rabbit necklace $9
Ukulele $29
campfire pillow $35
Munster boardies $
Native Jefferson shoes (junior size) $55

Blogs we Love (At Swim Two Birds)

At Swim Two Birds - our new favourite blog! It's just so simple and sweet, free from advertising and too much snazzy stuff - just gorgeous photos, and a few nice words. There are so many lovely images to take in, but we've chosen a couple to post here. 

All images from At Swim Two Birds blog

Ingrid's Pick...Gypsy Caravan

small tambourine $5
large tambourine $10
wooden castantets $2.50
ceramic ocarina instruments $19
knitted red riding hood $29
wooden maraca $5
Nathalie Lete bucket (by Vilac) $19

Pyjama...pyjamas...I hope you like jamas too!

Kidsagogo Pyjamas $45
Klippan Blanket in Red $85
Klippan Bruno Bear $39
Gummy Bear Night Light
Ladedah Crochet Rattle - Mushroom $15
Alexander Gerard Colour Book $25


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