something for the weekend #15

check out six year old B-girl Terra in the vimeo above. When I grow up I want to be her!!

plant your lemon seeds

graph paper for colouring-in! Genius!

make your own paper robots

turn an egg carton into beautiful floral fairy lights

turn a cereal box into a super cool notepad

make your own geometric building blocks

awesome printable colouring pages with blank faces to fill in here and here. Also, there's a robot version here.

a simple balancing DIY (my 5 year old boy is so impressed with this)

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Sture & Lisa summer onesies

Hello cute short sleeve onesies all the way from Sweden. We love you because you're bright and soft and made from 100% organic and fair trade cotton! 

Find these little beauties in store at Shorties and online (oh and look, more Sture & Lisa goodness)

Littlehorn Summer

Aussie label Littlehorn is rocking our world this year! How about those ice-cream dresses girls? Not to mention RAD tees and onesies for baby. Cotton shorts, very cool tees, a jumpsuit covered in stars...we always say it but why can't we find grown-up clothes this awesome?!

Littlehorn Summer is in store now and you'll find some styles online.
As always, if you can't make it into the store, give us a bell so we can post your goodies out to you.

alley way floral art

With the beautiful weather we have been having here in Newtown, it seems spring has sprung early this year.
Perfect timing with the arrival of gorgeous wooden flower presses in Shorties (only $15), so we thought we'd spend a delightful afternoon to stop, smell and collect some blooms to make our floral art.

introducing...Sonny Angels

These little guys are the sweetest collectible Japanese dolls. There are so many to collect, each with his own adorable headgear. The best part is, it's a secret which Sonny Angel you're taking home until you open the box. The idea is that 'the angel chooses you', which is quite lovely really.

Is it bad that I want to collect them all? They do make me smile!

Sonny Angels are available in-store now, $9.95

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10 Games for the School Holidays

1. Vilac 'skill ball' marble game $19
land your coloured marbles in the Skill Ball tray! 
Who can score the most points?

Kids of all ages will love the Sports issue of PLOC, featuring original illustrations by Alain Gree. PLOC features stories, games and activities, and is advertisement-free.

A beautiful wooden jump rope for hopping, skipping and jumping!

4. giant punching balloons 
These balloons blow up to be ginormous, and last for ages without popping. 
Hold onto the elastic and punch away! What other games can you play?

Your best friend on a long car-trip! 
Use the magic pen to uncover clues and solve mysteries. 
Ideal for children of reading age, and fun for the whole family. 

6. Eeboo Sidewalk Games 
Contains jumbo sized chalk and instructions for traditional 'sidewalk' games.

7. Wooden tap-a-shape set 
Ideal for children aged 4 - 7. Use the wooden shapes, hammer and nails to create 
original pictures, patterns and anything you please.

Spot road signs, animals, cyclists and vehicles. The first person to spot them all wins, BINGO!
Comes with washable pen, and hours of fun.

Play a little tune on this retro melodica clarinette.

"Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back"

I can see a whale!

Coq en Pate whale tee (back shown) $29
Munster 'rugger' shorts $69
Coq en Pate whale hat $19
Native 'Jefferson' shoes in Stadium Blue $49

Styled & Photographed by Ingrid

Littlehorn is here!

Today we're unpacking the Summer Littlehorn range! Stay tuned for more photos...

something for the weekend #14

A Day of Summer by Betty Miles, illustrated by Remy Charlip, 1960 

Lova Blavarg's printable paper dolls

We're Going on a Bear Hunt at the Opera House, yes please!

an artist and her 4 year old collaborate on artworks. Beautiful.

natural things organised neatly

these DIY recycled kids cake stands are so fun!

'coloriages' - colouring pages from 1942

washi tape is good for lots of things, including making a car track!

We're collecting bread tags for a good cause!

You guys know we love a good cause. But did you know about the awesome recycling initiative called Breadtags 4 Wheelchairs? Well Shorties is now a collection point and the idea is this:

1. you collect those pesky little plastic breadtags instead of chucking them in the bin
2. drop them in to us here at Shorties
3. We'll send them off to be resold and recycled into new wares
4. The money from selling the breadtags will pay for wheelchairs for people in need!

Amazing right?

Mary Honeybun is the lady behind the organisation, which recycles around 400kg of bread-tags every 6 weeks, raising money to buy wheelchairs for people who don't not have the means to buy their own. Mary has been doing this since 2006, so far providing over 200 wheelchairs for people in need! That's a lot of bread-tags, and a lot of wheelchairs! Go Mary!

If you think this cause is as worthy as we do, we would love to collect your bread-tags, keep them out of landfill, and do something good. It's easy to remember to keep them, instead of throwing them away (and we promise you'll feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you're helping out).

UPDATE: One clever customer suggested that people might like to post us their breadtags, which of course would be fantastic! Breadtags can be mailed to Shorties, 537 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

 Further update July 2016
We have reached a deadend with the wheel chair fundraising, and now our NEW message is to collect breadtags to stop them from going into landfill, or entering the water,  So spread the word to family and friends to keep collecting bread tags and sending them to us and we will ensure that they are recylced , stay tuned for more on this. regards Celia

teddy's b'day picnic...

It's Teddy's birthday and all the Shorties friends thought they'd get out and enjoy the day with a special picnic to celebrate. 

Happy birthday Teddy!

Shorties Kid | Felix

Gorgeous Felix Lawless is 4 and a half months old and looks oh so dashing in his Dena Pezzano hat...


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