Just in at Shorties, from Toetum

Just in to Shorties, From Toetum

Baby first Denim Bloomers, Choice!

This is an Activity set by Toetum, The kids can draw and colour the cards then build a tower,
might make a good chrissy decoration idea.

These smart straw trilbys are proving popular too.

A day at the beach

We were taken to this lovely secret  harbour beach , Behind the Rose Bay Shopping centre {In Sydneys Rose Bay} , by a friend of ours who lives over there.

This beach is really child friendly, and has a spectacular out look of Sydney Harbour.

Lifestyle shot.

J admiring his handy work.

This would be a great place to take your out of town relatives ,who are visiting for Christmas.
I don't know what it would be like on the weekend or School Hols , but the reason we liked it was there was hardly anybody there.That's Sydney City in the background.

Asleep before we reached the traffic lights.

Aunty Ollie Hats

We are excited to announce that Shorties is now stocking Aunty Ollies range of gorgeous sun hats for both boys and girls. The Aunty Ollie range is fresh and quirky without being kitsch, and is focused on fantastic, often vintage-inspired prints. Come in and fall in love with these lovely creations. Aunty Ollie is designed in Australia with love.

Mini Micro Scooter

Get scootin today on these fantastic scooters brand new to Shorties and just in time for Christmas. These scooters are lightweight, collapsible and have a unique three wheel design for extra support and stability. The mini micro scooter is ideal for developing balance, co-ordination and motor skills in even the youngest of riders. Did we mention they would make a great Christmas present?.

Outfit of the Week

This very summery miss is sporting a one off Like Rabbits singlet, Mine roll hem shorts, Missie Munster scarf and a new design of Frankie ray shades.

Vintage Finds

Shorties is surrounded by some wonderful vintage shops, including Newtown Bazaar , owned and run by Chris
I have chosen some of my favorite pieces from his shop to photograph for my Vintage finds pages,
All Chris's products are well priced and his stock turns over really frequently.
Chris has a good eye for quirky , collectible and decorative.
oops, but you get the picture.

Sorry guys , this pictures been sold,  to me.

Chris has a great eye for vintage textiles.
And this little Cutie is not for sale,  Nina is modeling some vintage school chairs.
Find Newtown Bazaar at 527 King st Newtown, just up the road from Shorties.
posted by Celia

Just in

We couldnt decide which of these Snazzy Swedish pram toys to order, so  we ordered some of each colourway.
Shorties is one of only a handful of Australian shops to stock this bright and funky brand, "Skummis"

These are musical toys for bubs, just pull the string and they play for ages, how cool !

Outfit of The Week

Our favourite sundresses, handmade by Chloe, paired with a little straw hat make for a beautiful summer's day indeed!

These retro looking sandals can withstand sun, sea and sand.

 Salt Water Sandals
are made from high-quality leather and
vulcanised rubber. Sturdy but stylish.
Tough yet comfy. Sling them on for the
beach or add a pretty frock and show
them off at parties.Available in Sizes 3-8.

Red,navy and white.

Guitar Gang

Heading off to the Newtown Festival

Ilya's Ideas

Hello! I’m Ilya, I'm six years old and this is my first entry for Ilya’s Ideas. I’m always making stuff so my mum and I thought we could show you interesting things I like to make. We get our ideas from lots of places...books, magazines, the internet, my head, or Mum’s head. Oh and we love to recycle things and turn them into something fun!

This week I made some ALIEN EYES! We found this idea in the Tiny Mammoth magazine (issue 1).

You will need:

An egg carton, scissors, aluminium foil, paint and a small paintbrush, ribbon or elastic, stapler

Extras: glitter paint, sparkly gems, stickers….or anything else you want to add to your alien eyes

What to do:

1.     Cut out two egg sections from the egg carton. Ask an adult to help you with all the cutting

2.     Cut out two holes at each base for you to see through

3.     Cover your eyes with aluminium foil and make sure to wrap it around the eye holes carefully. Aliens love using foil for stuff!

4.    Paint the rim of the eyes - try not to let your hand wobble too much when you’re painting

5.     If you want to you can decorate the eyes with any other alien looking stuff. I stuck plastic sparkly gems on mine with craft glue but my friend left his without any sparklies and they looked really cool

6.     Staple ribbon or elastic to the inside of the eyes and tie around your head. Woohoo! It’s alien time!

Stylin Scarlett: Hats, sunnies and best friends!

The other night I had a really yummy dinner at my friends Jade and Sam's house. While dinner was cooking we had a great time dressing up in some Shorties hats and sunnies. Jade and I went for a 70's vintage look and Sam channeled the blues brothers. Check it out...

Me and Jade doing 70's style in Frankie Ray Sunglasses and Shorties vintage fabric wide brim hats.

How cute is Sam in his Frankie Ray's and Diablo Hat!

Thanks Sam for showing us some cool boy's style. Love the Munster guitar T-shirt.

A visitor from Sweden

Well as you may have noticed we really love our Duns clothing around here so we were thrilled when this little missie popped in for a visit. The gorgeous little red head is one of the faces of Duns and is visiting all the way from Sweden. Just had to snap a pic of her in her cool green Duns pants. Very cute!

Roxy and Klara

Roxy and Klara with the dogs!! Too cute!

Vintage finds for the nursery

Finding interesting pieces for your nursery is always fun, and at an auction house, one off pieces are easy to come by.
this week at Raff's in Leichhardt I photographed a couple of nursery room winners including this hand painted horse.

This globe is actually a light globe, ha ha. with a light bulb inside it would make a wonderful night light.

Small and Dutch , what a delightful combo.

Everyone need somewhere to lock up the kids, why not do it in vintage style?
I haven't seen a round one of these play pens before and the old metal horse inside was really beautiful.

This would make a great place to file the nappies.

A matching pair of prayer pictures only going to be a good influence on a growing child,

Julius, 19 months

This handsome man is 19mnth old Julius, and he is sporting a munster tee.
What a charmer!

Grey Skies and a Lemon Tart


We woke to the rumble of thunder in the distance, a rather angry looking sky, and a whole lot of washing that was absolutely not going to dry. It was a miserable day, and yet I can solemnly swear that my first thought was along the lines of "what a perfect morning for a spot of baking".

What better way to brighten your day than whipping up a sunny lemon tart? And besides, this is no ordinary dessert...it's a healthier twist on an old classic and is so scrumptious it barely lasts a second in our house.

I must admit this recipe is not entirely of my own creation, the fabulous Luise and David over at greenkitchenstories can take the credit for that. However, I must share this delightful dessert with our Shorties crew, simply for that fact that I cannot stop making it! So without further ado, pop on your aprons and follow me.

Note: Please don't be frightened by ingredients such as agave syrup. Apart from being available at your friendly local health food store, co-op or even supermarket, you could absolutely substitute it with honey or maple syrup. Having said that, agave is a really neat sweetener and it works a treat in this recipe.


for the pie crust:
200 g mixed nuts (we used almonds and cashews)
10 fresh dates
100 g cold butter, cubed
2/5 cup (55 g) buckwheat flour
2 tsp cinnamon

for the lemon filling::
75 g butter
1 1/3 cup soy milk
1 vanilla pod
2 small lemons (juice and zest)
6 tbsp agave syrup
2 egg yolks
1 egg
4 tbsp corn flour

Pop the nuts and (pitted) dates into the blender and grind it all up nicely. It’s totally okay for there to be lumps, but you may need to give the dates a little prodding in between blends, as they tend to be both stubborn and sticky.

Tip your nut mixture into a bowl with the cubed butter, cinnamon and buckwheat flour and use your fingers to work it all together. Once it’s all combined, pop it into a tart tin and use your fingers again to spread it out evenly along the bottom and sides of the pan. Now just prick it a couple of times with a fork and chuck it in the fridge while you make the custard. That was easy!

Heat the butter, soy milk and vanilla pod in a saucepan on medium heat. Add lemon juice, zest and agave syrup. Bring to the boil while stirring, then lower the temperature and let it simmer for about five minutes. You can fish out the vanilla pod now, then set aside the mixture to cool.

In another bowl whisk egg yolks, egg and corn flour with a hand whisk until everything is combined. Keep whisking and slowly pour in your lemony mixture. Mix until combined. 

At this point it is going to smell amazing. Resist the urge to eat the custard up as is, and instead carefully pour it into the tart pan, and pop it all in the oven at 170C for 20 minutes. A word of warning: the crusts can burn quite suddenly so do keep an eye on things.
Allow your tart to cool before serving and enjoy!


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