Boogie to the Left

Roller skating, a once popular past time of the 70s, has once again hit its stride. A trip down to the local rink guarantees memories of fast paced good times, cheezels and slushies for not only kids but adults too. Gliding around the rink, in what I guaranteed my parents would by the best 7th birthday present ever, a new pair of roller skates with customized pink laces, the exhilaration of the moment was everything I’d always wanted and was for the next 12 years of my life.

Original roller skates
The history of skating however started with a Belgium musician John Merlin in the 1760s. Merlin’s plan for the night was to enter the masquerade party wearing his new metal-wheeled skates whilst playing the violin. As exuberant as his plan was, Merlin unfortunately crashed into a large mirror and suffered serious physical injuries, although his pride may have been the most hurt thing of the night.

Flash forward to the disco age of up and down beat music, roller skating literally took off around the globe. With clips such as Roller Boogie, Patrick Swayze in Skatetown and Cher’s Hell on Wheels, skating became a popular sport and social activity among all ages, with dance movements, roller hockey and the now extremely popular roller derby. 

Roller Boogie (1979) - roller disco 

At Shorties we have in two different pairs of skates, one black with blue wheels, red laces and a cool LED thunder bolt on the side and the other white pair with fun rainbow laces and funky pink wheels. These skates are perfect for starting out on the rink. Comfortable and stable the wheels are made from a high quality urethane, not plastic, so they last longer and keep you moving at your fastest between limbo and bull rush with the other roller skaters. 

So if you feel like lacing up your own or your kids boots there's still a few places left in greater Sydney where you can.

Check them out in store!
RollerFitRobyn Webster Sports Centre, Tempe / Ph: (02) 9335 2299
Skatel Penrith120 Russell St, Emu Plains / Ph: (02) 4735 6699
Maximum Skating75 Anderson Rd, Smeaton Grange / Ph: (02) 4624 9500


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