GIVEAWAY: Space Hoppers

Have you been watching the London Olympics? So far we've seen some pretty obscure Olympic sports: handball, trampoline, and synchronised diving to mention a few - but one event is missing, in our humble opinion - Space Hopping!

Growing up, you may have known this classic toy as a skippyball, a hoppity-hop or a moon hopper. They are so much fun, we've decided to give away one in each of the colours you see below. That's four Space Hoppers up for grabs (enough to start an Olympic team perhaps?) valued at $29 each. 

All you need to do is hop over to our Facebook page and leave a comment under the competition post, telling us which colour you'd like to win. Share to double your entry!

Entries close on Monday 12th August. Good luck!

Blogs we Love {taller maminas}

At Shorties, we're always trying to bring more handmade goodness to the world. So when we find a blog all about kooky handmade dolls, it's safe to say we get a little bit excited. Taller Maminas beautifully documents the creative process of mother, and prolific doll maker, Marina. It just makes us want to live in a house full of colourful dolls! If you're into Pinterest, you might just love her page over there as well...

All images from Taller Maminas blog:

Shorties Kid, Elissa.


How much cuteness!,
 Elissa is already 4months old, and doesn't she look snuggly in her Shorties Bunny cardie.
and look at that curl.xx


Rest assured, my hand rail is safe from any potential knocks and bruises. Safely tucked up, or I should say, stylishly tucked up in the new Micro helmet, from the makers of our incredibly popular mini , and micro scooters. But be warned , if you get too close to one of these lovelies, expect to see yourself in full technicolour. I had quite the challenge to not appear in this photo., xc

Celias Picks, Bella

CLOCKWISE: Kokonor vest $55 ~ vintage hairclips $4 a pair ~ cotton beanie $15 ~ felt hairclip $5 ~ bunny card $5.50 ~ 'make a pair' puzzle $5 ~blue Scruffy Dog cotton tights $10 ~ Chloe O'Reilly reversible dress $79 ~ red gloves $9 ~ Vilac watercolours in tin $19

Just love this, wooden boat

Every time I'm in Shorties, something special catches my eye. Here's what it was today, Celia x

A very lovely, and handsome im sure (i havent actually seen him, but this work says handsome to me) man,
hand made this, and a handfull, of sturdy little boats just for Shorties.
I contacted him by email after stumbling across his handy work, one of the benifits of my pintresest habit, and we were delighted to hear that we would become, the first Australian stockists of the brand Noli Noli.
So back to the boat, it smells like a forest and feels smooth like, somthing really smooth. It floats and it has personality.I think it is a special little thing , for a special little thing.xc

ABC's, 70's style

This is a very lovely 1970s ABC book, a little different from most, which I picked up at an op shop.
I really love the colours and layout and wanted to share with you. My favorite pages are ropes, and yams.xc

Tin Toys- Air plane

I can hear you asking yourself, How do they fit that delightful little tin plane into that box?, and is it really only $9?, Well pop into Shorties and find out the answer to that question , and any more that you may have.(well I cant guarantee we can answer absolutely all your questions, but we will try) xc

Vintage dolls house

Doesn't everyone secretly want to live in a lavender house?
Well now you don't have to paint your house lavender, you can just buy a little old dolls house and fill it with miniature furniture that you've always wanted.
This Dolls house was at Steve's shop 'Towers Antiques', right next door to Shorties in Newtown, and he kindly let me photograph it for our blog, (that was today wed 25th July)

He is selling it for $55 which I think is good for a handmade dolls house with sweet yellow and white check gingham curtains, xc

Kat's Picks - Little Fisherman

CLOCKWISE: handknit cardigan $45 ~ cotton cap $29 ~ handknit romper $45 ~ newborn socks $5 ~ Noli Noli mahogany boat $55 ~ Magnetic fishing game (part of set) $19 

Julie's Gift Box

- Klippan bruno bear blanket-$85
- Nature Baby stripy pants- $29 (0-3, 3-6, 6-12)
- Mini Munster pow tee- $35
- Bajo seal toy $39
- Pebble knitted bear- $25
- Tippy toe runner socks (6 pairs in a box)- $25

Scoops Design Cards

Very cheerful cards by Scoops are always a winner in Shorties, and we have just received a new batch.Yay

Pretty Pickings dresses

Look at these pretty, 'Pretty Pickings' summer little girls dresses, Divine! Clever Zoe Silverwood made them for Shorties.
And just so they look cute in your room, we are giving you a free vintage style hanger with your dress.
 They are size 1-3years and become a top when baby grows taller and are $49 each (all one of a kind). cx

Toy Sale, $10 each

Since I took this picture, Ive found stacks more stock to put in the sale, so this is only a taste.We have reduced alot of products that we have discontinued, so most are now below cost, and I hope all our regulars pop in to snag a bargain, because you deserve it.
Also-Be sure and check out the sale table and the sale basket too, as in my frenzied store room clear out ,Ive put lots more goodies in them too.xc

Just love this,bucket beauties.

Every time I'm in Shorties, something special catches my eye. Here's what it was today, Celia x


Aside from the gorgeous fabric selection and retro designs, our very favourite thing about Kokonor clothing is that everything is produced ethically. Kokonor train and employ refugee Tibetan women living in the Indian Himalayas, reminding us that we can still have beautiful things without forgetting the people who made them.  

And would you just look at the handmade goodness!
This is just a selection of what you'll find in store.

Tibetan style boots $29

Gorgeous quilted jackets $79

Quilted jacket (this one is a size 2) $79

Quilted vest $55 (size 6)

Tibetan booties $29

Corduroy booties $29 

Cute details

Quilted jacket (this one is a size 4) $79

Kat's Picks - For Adventurers

A swag of supplies for the adventurous at heart...

CLOCKWISE: Hamb 'fighters' windcheater $49 ~ Campfire cushion $35 ~ faux fur hat $25 ~ black gloves $9 ~ Walnut gumboots $39 ~ Munster skinnies $79 (currently on sale for $59!)

Just in, Gardening kits

This lovely gardening kit is a great way to get your young friend interested in gardening, or playing in the sandpit. They are from the stylish french brand Vilac which is a favorite in Shorties and they cost $45 a set.

Shorties Kid, Dexter

This is the handsome Dexter, what a sweet heart. He is six and was in Shorties today with his mum and brother to buy a new shirt so he can look like his dad. You might know Dexter's dad, he runs Campos Coffee and tomorrow, Saturday 14th, Campos Newtown is having a party to celebrate 10 years (congratulations guys). Swing by Campos for a coffee,a balloon, and cake, And say hi to Dexter who will be helping out.

Look at these fab shoes Dexter decorated himself, what a great idea, He used fabric textas on plain white shoes and his mum told me they wash in the washing machine, so clever.


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