Vintage Christmas

Don't you just love a bit of Christmas nostalgia, we do at Shorties. With plans to buy our real tree this year, we are all about looking back on Christmas past, and how beautiful it was.xx C
All Pictures are from vintage Sears catalogues.

Kat's Pick

Huglee's superdog $29, Wendy June t-shirt $29 (available in sizes 0-3m, 3-6m & 6-12m), saltwater sandals $69, Gummybear nightlight $39, Minti bloomers $29, Grimms graspers $25

Micro Mini Scooters

Here at Shorties, we are massive fans of these sturdy little scooters,They are the perfect introduction to your little ones mobility and independence. Suddenly your life will go back to a faster pace, getting to the park will halve in time.

Mini Micro Scooters are a great way to help develop balance, co-ordination and motor skills.
Kids LOVE these scooters!

The original 3 wheel design combined with the lean and steer action ensures safety and stability for young children. It enables them to learn to use their body weight and balance to steer.

3 wheel design for stability
Wide non-slip deck
Low to the ground
Quality non-marking wheels
Suitable for indoors / outdoors
Lean and steer action
Removable handlebars
Available in Pink, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green
Age Range: 2+ (pair with the micro kick seat - coming soon) for younger kids.
Max Load: 35kg*
Scooter weighs: 1.5kg

* Please not the bottom of the scooter shows a weight limit of 20kg, the Mini Micro is designed with a weight recommendation of 35kg. The reason for the difference: European standards dictate that weights are displayed as 20, 50 or 100kg.

Next Level, Celias Picks

Shorties kid, Magnolia 5 months

So Divine, little Magnolia. Those big eyes where too cute not to photograph, X

Kat's Picks: Sticks & Stones

Minti fox t-shirt $35
chalk and marbles from 'ringers' game set $25
Vilac 'skill ball' marble game $19
cowboy pants $25
Pick up sticks $5

Dachshund love

New Sausage dog tees just in, and only $25 each, Yay!

Shorties Kid, Leo, 3 years.

Look at little Leo and don't you love a camera smile!, We are big Leo fans in Shorties, He is one articulate little fellow and plays so happily while his mum has a shop.
I really loved the way he popped some of the people from the toy ferry into the sailing boat and set them free for a sail around the room. C

Blogs we love: las teje y maneje

las teje y maneje is such a sweet little blog dedicated to all things knitted and crocheted. It's a perfect mix of vintage and contemporary knitted treasures, and with an entire category dedicated to dogs in knitted sweaters how can you go wrong?

Here are some pretty pictures straight from las teje y meneje:

Kat's Picks: Tween Dream

straw trilby hat $25
Rare Rabbit bunting necklace $19
calculator watch $15
Zimmerman silk top $45
Munster butterfly pants $65
Saltwater Sandals $69
Bagguu canvas backpack $55

Watch the fun

Here are some fun ideas of things you can do with your slap on watch , as invented by 2yr old Harvey

A hat

A necklace

or a belt

BOO -Red white and blue

Kidsagogo polka dot bibs $19 each
apple and bee hearts case $19
Klippan baby blanket $85
mushroom rattle $15
Skeanie soft leather sandals $29
Kidsagogo polka dot onesie $35
Kidsagogo shorts $30

Kat's Picks: hello brother, hello sister

Go Home wooden sumobot $45
munster onesie $45
Skeanie baby sandals $29
cloud notepad $9
pacman brooch $10
ladybeetle staplers $5 each
Kidsagogo chambray top $45
Munster 'umo' leggings $39
Saltwater sandals $69

Online Shop is a coming....

The amazing Ingrid  has been very busy photographing a lovely selection of Shorties goodies for our Shorties online shop which is only a week or so away now. The excitement is building in here, xx Celia. 

Just love this, Chloe dress

Every time I'm in Shorties, something special catches my eye. Here's what it was today, Celia x

Chloe OReilly Dresses are not only gorgeous, handmade and one of a kind, they are also reversible
so when you turn it inside out you get a whole other dress, Lovin that.

Kat's Picks: Furry Friends

handknitted tazzy devil $59
Munster 'bearhug' tee $39
handknitted special bear $19
Ladedah fox $55
Minti shorts $35
crochet racoon handpuppet $25
DIY scissors cutting set $35

Kat's Picks: Spirit Animal

straw cowboy hat $15
Munster 'dreamer' tee $39
wolf and owl russian dolls $15 each
Kutie Protocol denim shirt $69
Native jefferson shoes $49
Munster 'glow worm' shorts $59

Kat's Picks, Route 66

1. western hat $15
2. knitted fox (he's standing in as a coyote) $39
3. ESP no 1 cactus tee $39
4. littlehorn 'no way jose' raglan tee $39
5. traditional ocarina instruments $19 each
6. bakker backpack $49
7. walnut desert boots (suede) $64.95

blogs we love - Bambi Vintage Kids

Unless you're a fluent French reader, you'll probably have to do as we do and enjoy Bambi Vintage Kids much like a pretty picture book. The images are stunning! If vintage is your thing, you'll love this cute little gem. Here are some of our faves...

all images from Bambi Vintage Kids

Shorties Kid, Sophie 11 months

Beautiful little Sophie was in Shorties this week and her mummy bought her this very sweet bonnet .She had us all in the palm of her hand with those big eyes and a smile to match.

Riviera Fun

Udder masked bandit $75
 Kidsagogo spotty Tee $35
 Tin bucket $19
 Saltwater sandals $69
Kidsagogo shorts $40
 Kid O tug boat $29

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Mibo squirrel tee $35
Shorties vintage fabric sunhat $35
Mibo squirrely bag $35
Shorties denim flares $49
Shorties rope belt $19
Kid-o pull along squirrel $35
Makedo cup critters $9

Amelie and Atticus, Just in.

A few of the stunning selection of one off dresses hand made by Thouraya at Amelie and Atticus, Divine as always.x


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