The Adventure of Herbert and Valerie

The Adventures Of Herbert And Valerie are a series of books that teach meaningful stories and environmental messages to young children. Each book has an accompanying song to sing along to as your child reads.

Created by design and music duo couple Robyn and Justin, the wanted to teach lighthearted stories that both parents and children will love to explore!


"On our adventures we combine music & fun with healthy social & environmental messages for a new generation of children and parents!"

Now online and instore!

Honeybee Wax Wraps

Honeybee Wax Wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic when it comes to storing food and keeping it fresh! Handmade on a farm in Byron Bay, they contain HoneyBee wrap is made from 100% organic cotton fabric, natural beeswax, jojoba oil,coconut oil and tree resin. The resulting flexible wrap can be used multiple times. Simply mould the honeybee wrap to the top of the dish by using the warmth and pressure of your hands to create a seal. Use the same method for wrapping vegetables, cheeses, sandwiches and snacks.  To reuse, simply wash in cool water with a mild dish soap, then air dry. These wraps can last up to a year! 

Use the wraps across multiple products

There are heaps of amazing prints to choose from in our range online and in store.

They also come in a range of sizes; Small 16cm x 22cm, Medium 34cm x 26cm, Large 35cm x 35cm, Extra Large 42cm x 47cm.
A great range of colours and sizes to choose from


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