MOLN available in Black / Green / Grey / Pink / Red / Navy

Farg&Form are a Swedish based design house, producing a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic across all their pieces. Here at Shorties we champion their bright block colours and bold cloud patterns across wearable items, as well as a range of their plush toys, blankets, books, and baby accessories.

The creator of this cloud pattern, Gunila Axen, is a renowned textile designer. The MOLN (clouds) pattern was made in 1967, and is the celebrated feature of our Farg&Form collection. It has become one of the most celebrated and long lived textile designs in Sweden, and we are so excited to bring it to you in Australia!

Available in 7 colours, this range is a beautiful Scandanavian addition to your child's wardrobe. Have a look at our in stock range of Farg&Form online and instore!

Green Music Box / Pram Toy / Red Music Box

Red Blanket / Red Body Suit / Red Nappy Cover

History of Monchhichi

“A whole bunch of smiles. A whole bunch of fun. Monchhichi means happiness for everyone.”

Monchhichi was the toy that took over the world in the 70’s and 80’s, and continues to be one of the cutest toys available.

Monchhichi’s were born in Japan on the 25th January 1974, fathered by Koichi Sekiguchi. He was inspired to spread a message of “beauty and love” to children through these monkey like plush dolls.

By 1976 Boutique Monchhichi had been introduced to meet popular demand the world over. This allowed the many hordes of children (and adults) obsessed with this adorable creature to dress and customise their dolls. Furniture, watches, clothes, and stationary were all created to compliment Monchhichi, and are now highly sought after collectable items.

The cult following that formed around these plush dolls spawned a television show, Futago no Monchhichi. This 1980’s anime personified the dolls and follows the two protagonists on adventures through space with themes of family, friendship and love.

We are loving this retro ad from Mattel featuring the Monchhichi dolls:

We have absolutely fallen for these creatures, who are inhabiting our store right now! Visit us on King St to meet them and adopt one of your own to take home, or check them out online.

Monchhichi Love

Bobux Shoes

Bobux is an amazing New Zealand brand of shoe made for your child's first steps and early years of walking. Made from a soft leather, the shoe offers fantastic comfort for the foot and is fantastic for breathability, especially in those hot summer months. A soft flex sole has a unique bend shape, creating a lightweight shoe that moves with the foot, without compromising support. The enclosed heel is perfect for those who have the tendency to pronate inwards.

Wear a light sock with the shoe for the first week, and the leather will break in that much faster!

We now have the Jack and Jill Sandal style in stock in Red, Navy, White, and Chocolate. Featuring a double velcro strap it is incredibly easy to put on and off, and a fantastic way to introduce your toddler to shoes. It leaves your child free to play, free to learn, and free to develop a health foot and walk.

Check out the Jack and Jill style below!

Jack and Jill Sandal - Chocolate

Jack and Jill Sandal - Navy

Jack and Jill Sandal - White
Jack and Jill Sandal - Red

Soft Flex Sole unique to Bobux

Haptic Lab Kites

Haptic Lab are a sustainably conscious design team residing in Brooklyn, New York. Emily Fischer is the company founder and architect, with a vision of creating tactile items that combine modern technologies and traditional techniques in all the products she produces.

Here at Shorties we have absolutely fallen in love with the range of kites Haptic Lab have made! Their vibrant colours and unique shapes are a whimsical addition to any summer afternoon at the park or beach. One can imagine the sailing ship kites floating along the clouds as they would the waves of the ocean.

Have a look below to see the styles we currently have in stock

Indigo Ship Kite 
White Ship Kite

Pink Ship Kite
Flying Dutchman 
Diamond Kuma 


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