Vintage Book Love, Talk about Shopping

Shopping, as it once was, such beautiful pictures, and themes.
It wasnt all that long ago, but it seems a world away.

Shorties Kid, Leilani

This delightful little girl, is Leilani. Here she is in her new Shorties sun hat. She is 7months old and was in Shorties the other day.
She didn't stop smiling and had Julie and me wrapped around her little finger because she was such a cutie pie .Xc

The Tshirt Barn

Meet Tony
Tony is the funny guy, who likes to make your kids funny, with his very popular brand of Kids Tshirts, Wellspotted.
Here he is on the Shorties stoop with some special fathers dad Tshirts, ($45 each.)
Originally I used to sell Wellspotted men's tshirts in my now defunct menswear shop 'The Tshirt Barn'. When I moved into childrens' wear, Tony did too, luckily, so its really lovely to see one of his men's tees re appear,and I'm all sentimental about the wonder that was The Tshirt Barn.

I found some old pics of The Tshirt Barn

We sold some really great brands at the Tshirt Barn, and our counter an original table top pacman that took 20c coins , is still in my basement. I hope it still works.The massive sound system which I bought for the shop, but was just way way too massive for the little shop, is going to make an appearance this November at the Shorties Halloween Disco which Iam definitely going to do this year, I promise. x Celia.

Half price swimwear in Shorties now.


Come on down, to nab yourself some Cozzies, at Half price, till stocks last.

Click Clack Fire Station

Just in Click Clack fire station, $19 each, to go back with all your click clack toys.

Blogs we love, Lover of Vintage

Our lovely Shorties customers are always so clever and creative! Leigh visited Shorties on a recent trip to Sydney, and we're glad she did because we've now discovered her blog, Lover of Vintage. Such sweet, vintage, girly goodness! We've picked some of our fave photos to share:

Shorties Kid, Skandar.

Remember Skandar? ,She was a Shorties Kid a couple of months ago.Well we just love her so much,
here she is again.
Skandar , now nearly one ,was in Shorties with her Mummy, and big sister picking out a dress for a special event.
Which one do you like on her? We think she is adorable in each one. Xc

This Plus that ,Bogan Boy

For all the spider men out there. Minti hooded vest $55, Well spotted Inner Westie tee $35, and Esp white jeans $69.

This Plus That - Rad boy

Munster red tee $39
ESP white jeans $69
 paired with black Native shoes $49

We turned a Dents cap ($19) into a cool visor by cutting off the top! Love a bit of DIY

Click Clack Police Station

Yay!, they have finally arrived, Amazing pull apart garage /helipads for your click clack toys,

Jet Set Girl

Cloud pillow by My escape $35 ~ Tin aeroplane $9 ~ Missie Munster tee $49 ~ Frankie ray shades $29 ~  ESP yellow Jeans $69 ~ Native shoes $49

Dont try this at home.

While working from home I attempted to shoot a few, wonderful new Shorties products on my Kitchen table/studio, As you can see from the pictures below, things didn't go to plan, Things kept disappearing.

 He took it, and as soon as i put it back,
 He took it again.
 Look who got his own way, product testing.

 And again
 This money box was very popular with Harvey, no coins needed.

 Apparently there are many ways you can push the coin holder back inside.

I can officially recommend the the colourful sturdy , punch-a-balloons, and Tin Snow White money boxes for boys, two years of age. Cx


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