Vintage Finds

These charming vintage toys are part of a selection that will be up for auction at the Linen, Lace, Dolls and Toys special action on 11 April at one of our favorite haunts, Raffan Kelaher &Thomas Auctioneers
You can find 'Raffs' at 42 John St Leichhardt, Sydney.
Although they may not be something the kids can play with, who said you cant buy toys for yourself!

70's Prints

The walls in Shorties are just a little bit snazzier this week, thanks to a delivery of these colourful reproduction prints. Originally designed in Germany in the 1970's, byGraziela have screen printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable inks, bringing these vintage delights back to life.

Farm print, circa 1977 - $29

The prints are sized to fit perfectly in an IKEA ribba frame (50 x 70 cm) and we think at $29, they're probably the perfect antidote to a grey day.

ABC print circa 1970 - $29

Where do you shop for the kids of legendary rock band Foo Fighters? Well Shorties of course!

Perhaps you've heard...The Foo Fighters are currently visiting our sunny shores for a couple of secret gigs in Sydney and a flood relief concert in Brisbane.
Sony music wanted to give this lovely bunch of ultra cool musicians some presents to take home to their kids. No small feat considering that between them there are nine!
As it turns out Shorties was their pick for awesome rock star presents. Here is a selection of what Dave and the band will be taking home to their cute little kiddies.

A Dragstar dress, Punk Alphabet book and Frankie Ray sunnies for Dave Grohl's daughter Violet and a Cloth and Stone dress, Two Windmills rabbit and Frankie Ray sunnies for his youngest daughter Harper.

This Cherry Stew dress was picked for one of the Foo's daughters. Sweet.

Munster tees were a favourite!

M is for Metal book, Dragstar car tee and Well Spotted 'The Force' tee will all be flying off to America.

Dave and his gorgeous daughters Violet and Harper.

Drink Your Vegies!

You know the drill. It's the age-old woe of parents high and low: vegetables and kids are traditionally un-mixy things.

I've heard the solemn tales of kids who will only eat plain pasta, experienced first hand the expert negotiations of a pre-schooler who for at least six months refused all "wet" food, and now find myself observing the strange phenomenon that is my son's blueberry addiction. And yet I still sort of relish in the challenge/torture that is showing kids how amazing food really is.

We used to squeeze fresh orange juice in the mornings at our place. Yummy, perfect with your boiled eggies and toast soldiers. Perhaps seeking to "mix things up" I slowly found myself adding different fruits to our morning juice. A pear, or berries, a slice of fresh pineapple.
Then a carrot.
Then a beetroot, or two.
Then a handful of spinach, or broccoli stems, or cabbage.

This increasingly healthy ritual evolved before the very eyes of my vegetable-shunning three-nager, Cullyn, who miraculously continues to drink a HUGE glass of our technicolour concoctions each morning. Miraculous because, offer him a pile of grated carrot and he will promptly fling it at the cat.

So I thought I'd show you our favourite morning juice.

3 oranges
1 pear
2 stems of celery (with leaves)
3 carrots
1 huge beetroot or several small
1/2 a telegraph cucumber
1cm cubed ginger

Peel the oranges, and chop everything up just small enough that it will fit into the juicer, and then juice away! Push down slowly and steadily (kids love helping with this part) to get the maximum juice out of your produce. For the same reason, if you want to add leafy greens or herbs (like mint), be sure to juice them at the same time as some of the bulkier stuff.

Once it's all well and truly liquified, give it a good stir, admire the amazing colours mother nature is treating you to, and pour into a nice, big glass.

Then, drink up!

- If you have a juicer like ours, where the fiber and chaff gets separated into a container, it's a good idea to line the container with a plastic bag before you start. This will make cleaning up ten times easier.

- We have a worm farm, so we usually juice the oranges first, empty the citrus chaff, and then collect all the vegetable chaff separately for our worms. You can also use this stuff for compost, or for making yummy soups and vegie stocks.

- On a hot day, blend up the fresh juice with ice cubes.

- A straw could be fun, but pink moustaches are even better!

Outfit of the Week

Looking pretty cool in a Well Spotted Inner Westie tee, Kutie Protocol ripped jeans and Kutie Protocol denim shirt.

Peggy Winter....Sigh.

Peggy's winter range is in at Shorties and it is as lovely as ever. Peggy never disappoints with their floaty collections for girls aged 6-24months.  Stunning prints and super soft cottons make this label stand out!


The gorgeous and happy Eva modelling her new Little Betty bonnet.

She absolutely lives it!!!

Stylin Scarlett: Two ways with a Minti Sweater

Now that Shorties is getting all their cool new winter clothes in, I am gonna have some serious fun dressing up in them all.
First on the wish list is the grey Minti sweater with a funny face on the back. Very warm and comfy for winter. For a really fun outfit I teamed it with a pair of Duns leggings and a crazy Littlehorn tutu skirt.
Next I wore it with a pair of Shampoodle jeans and a crocheted strawberry necklace for a casual and comfy look. Take a look for yourself...
I would wear this everyday if mum would let me!


Such a good outfit for those relaxing winter days.

Fluffy white dog optional. Gypsy says hi!

Munster Winter is here!

Munster, Missie Munster and Mini Munster.... do they ever disappoint? Funky, spunky and super comfy we're so excited that it's here!

Shorties Sale Extended one more day

Its been going so crazy in here with the final days of our Shorties sale, that we haven't had a chance to pack it away, so we've decided to keep the SALE going for one last day (SAT 5th March).
But the other goss is that the Munster winter range turned up yesterday; O Mi God, it rocks.
Stay tuned for pics,
x the girls in Shorties


We've fallen in love with Shampoodle; this beautiful Swedish label manage to make style look like kid's play! There's fun to be had wearing these denim seperates, all made fair trade, from organic cotton.
Super comfy, super cool.

Outfit of the Week

Funky retro outfit!! Model wears Duns Tee, Hand knit vest and Dragstar Retro jeans.


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