Into the Forest We Go!

Our latest window is inspired by an all time favourite fairytale (no prizes for guessing which one). It features cute creatures and critters, lots of floral prints, and a stunning reversible red cape by Amelie and Atticus.

Watch out for that pesky fox!

'Pretty Pickings' Frocks

Is there anything better than a reversible dress? On one side of these adorable Pretty Pickings pinafores, corduroy and sweet appliqued designs (which double as pockets) are the order of the day. Flip the dress over and you'll find all manner of delightful patterns.
Pretty Pickings dresses are all handmade with great skill and a heavy dose of love, by one of our favourite crafty mummas, Zoe. They come in a range of sizes between 0 - 5 and are $49 

New Capes!

Just arrived, More gorgeous reversible capes from Amelie and Atticus !!
Here are a few.

Capes available in size 1-3yrs. $49 each.

Outfit of the Week

Our model wears Studio Antic l/s tee $35, Little horn 'Festival' skirt $49 and Knuffle Kid stripe leggings $29

Chloe O'Reilly Baby Dresses

The lovely Chloe O'Reilly has done it again with these simply stunning vintage fabric baby dresses! Each one is unique and made from beautiful vintage cotton. Perfect for a summers day at the park or as a cute little party frock. These spunky dresses come in sizes 00,0,1 and 2 and are $55 each.

Shorties Kid

Shorties kid Gus looks unbelievably cool in his Oishi-M zebra tee!  

Ladedah Kids Cute Toys

Adorable pram friends by the always cute brand, Ladedah.
now in Shorties, and only $25 each, make one your friend today.x

Minti Spring Summer 11

Minti Spring/Summer 11 is here!! The wait is finally over and it was worth it. From spunky little baby pants to gorgeous girls tees and cat face leggings (yes, super cool cat face leggings!) there is something for everyone in this range. As usual Minti have delivered a high quality range with amazing and quirky designs and prints. Come in and check it out today!!

Kooky Crochet Handbags

You may have seen the words 'made by Mel' scrawled across some of our swingtags over the years. She's one of our favourite crochet geniuses, responisble for all manner of crafty goodness in store. The most recent being these incredible bags! Truly, who could resist those big googly eyes and fabulous vintage colour combos?

A little handbag is the perfect gift for girls aged 2 all the way up to 12. You can pick one of these lovelies up for just $29, pop some candy or trinkets inside, and presto! Little girl heaven.

Crochet Rattles

We are madly in love with these soft, lighweight crochet rattles. They jingle ever so sweetly, and are perfect for tiny hands. They're safe for babies to munch on (I hear the parents of teething babies applauding) and are super cheap and cheerful, at only $15.

Scoops Design

Shorties are now the proud stockists of the gorgeous design label Scoops. We have a lovely selection of  resin and recycled wooden brooches as well as seriously neat shatter proof mirrored wall stickers. Lovingly designed and made in Australia, we'd be shocked if you didn't love them as much as we do!

Polished wood elephant brooch. All brooches approx 4-5cm in size and $25 each.

Resin elephant brooch.

Mirrored wall stickers $59.

Resin cat brooch.

Polished wood sausage dog brooch
Resin sausage dog brooch.

Mirrored wall stickers.
Resin sausage dog brooch.
Resin apple brooch.

Resin apple brooch.


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