get the balance right

Introducing the Mini Micro G-Bike! From the clever crew who make our all-time favourite scooters, a balance bike for preschoolers aged 2 - 5 years (carries up to 20kg).
Why do we love the G-bike? It's lightweight, sturdy, easy to carry, sports an adjustable seat, and looks amazing! Only $129, in-store now...

something for the weekend #8

Children in a Movie Theatre by Wayne Miller, 1958

this clever 4th grader made a documentary about his gross school lunches (it's called Yuck).

great photo of the original Sesame Street cast. Oscar the grouch with orange fur! Whoa!

Dumbo Feather wrote a beautiful profile about the amazing Maria Montessori.

why didn't we think of this!? Sticky wall activity for a rainy day.

my kids always ask me things like 'where did the moon come from?' Now I have answers!

kids were here (LOVE this)

born to stand out...

“You were not born to just fit in, you were born to stand out!”  ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

shorties kid - Griffin

Next level!
Griffin loves his Shorties Next Level t-shirt so much he wouldn't take it off for a whole week!

something for the weekend #7

Le Ballon Rouge 1956
my boy is recently obsessed with The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge)

it's fun to make nature faces

do you remember making these when you were small?

Learn Create Love has cute underwater printable crafts. I love the manatee best of all.

an amazing collection of Russian matchbox labels

Dress Up Attack is on again this year! Hooray!

local mum and lovely customer Christina is running awesome Creative Kids Workshops in Newtown.

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Roll up, Roll up! Munster Summer arrives next week!

we love Uimi

If you're searching for the kind of baby gift that can be passed down from generation to generation, by golly we've found it! We've just recieved a nice hefty delivery of Uimi goodies after selling out last month, and we really could not be happier...

something for the weekend #6

robot and baby

this very awesome dad re-programmed Donkey Kong so his little girl could play as Pauline. Champion!

teach your child to tie shoelaces...

a 53 year old terrarium! Amazing and so beautiful.

I really want to make these cool leaf and toilet roll marionette puppets.

a very rad etsy shop selling vintage star wars toys / hulk matchbox car / viewmaster

gotta love some vintage packaging eye candy; retro ice cream wrappers over at Present & Correct - swoon!

anorak magazine (issue 28)

When I was a wee lass I loved to write stories - my dad still has my first 'published' book, which was purple texta scrawled on lined paper and stapled into a booklet.

I wish I'd had a magazine like Anorak!

The latest issue celebrates the written word in all its forms - from stories to diaries, letters to blogs. Here are some of the best bits...

Why hello, Mr Tooth Man...

Teecat 'Sweet Tooth' t-shirt - $35
Sweet coat hanger - $3
Rattle - $9

Photographed and styled by Ingrid

socks + sandals

Who says your beloved salties need to be left in your dark wardrobe this winter... 
We love a sock and sandal combo here at Shorties and think a bit of colour and warmth on your tootsies is all you need to brighten your day.
Thank you to Ella for being such an AWESOME foot model!

blogs we love - MAMMA TAMO

Mamma Tamo is a colourful, vintage super styled explosion of massive cuteness! Not even exaggerating, I want to live inside this blog...

something for the weekend #5

mia farrow and her children 1974

things to make and do this school holidays...
there are still lots of fallen leaves to collect and paint like this, or make pictures with them like this

handmade solar system in a box

make a lego marble maze

how to fold a paper boat

every kid I've ever known would LOVE this

awesome! how to make a miniature toy bow and arrow!

make oobleck (maybe an outdoors activity...)

turn old newspapers into pretty paper

winter holiday food: 25 alternatives to potato chips and french fries / one-pot-wonder pasta for the busy mamas and papas / homemade cough elixir for sick kiddos

school holidays made fun!

School's out, time to play. We have everything you need to make these school holidays the funnest...

something creative - Vilac watercolours in tin
musical instruments - button accordion
stuff for outdoors - Tiger Tribe zing gliders
pen pal essentials - Katy Jane letter pads
something for a rainy day - Tinyfolk shadow puppet set
the board game for the whole family - Robot Explorers by Eeboo
the most beautiful activity book - PLOC magazine
a classic game of 'memory' - Patrick Hruby memory game

Find more ideas in our HOLIDAY FUN section online. Happy holidays!


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