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Die Roller-Kinder, by Josef Heinrich Darchinger, 1955

Clare shares 52 things she made. Love all that handmade goodness!

It's getting chillier by the day, just about time to roll out the cold and flu remedies. This one from The Veggie Mama is suitable for wee ones and looks yummy.

This vintage animal puzzle is so special. But of course if you don't have a spare $400, you can find a similar modern version here. Phew.

Gorgeous photo essay by Gabriele Galimberti exploring the favourite toys of children from all around the world.

Really nice colouring-in sheets you can print for free over at Made By Joel.

For a brief time you can read Sheila Heti's first children's book We Need a Horse  online. The words and illustrations (by Claire Rojas) are really special.

Print out these cute as pie book plates by Helen Dardik and get the kids to make their mark on some favourite books. This is a cute idea if you were giving a book as a gift too, to include a bookplate with the recipient's name.

The Vivid Festival light shows are now on in Sydney! The last few years have been truly spectacular, and it's really great fun to rug up the whole family and take a wander around the lit-up harbour.

First Position, a ballet documentary. An inspiring film for aspiring ballerina girls and boys, and their parents too.

Vintage Book Love - Toddles Travels by Boat

The cloth pages of this little vintage rag-book are so well loved and soft with age - isn't it lovely? Celia always manages to find the best vintage treasures...

Shorties Knitters - Victoria

Oh we do love a visit from our Shorties knitters. Especially when one of these lovely ladies pops in with a bag full of woolly, cosy goodies! This week Victoria made us more of her best selling vests and jumpers, and very kindly let me ask her a few questions for our little blog.

When did you learn to knit? Oh I think I must have been very young...see I grew up in Germany, and it was during the war, so I would have been about five or six. My tante (aunty) Hilda, who was really a second mother to me, taught me how to knit. I can actually remember spending all this time knitting a tiny potholder as a gift for my mother, and the next morning finding that my tante Hilda had finished it for me, and patched up all of my uneven stitches.

Did you always knit? There was a long stretch of time where I didn't really knit very much, if at all. When I had my own young children, I really focused on sewing clothing for them, which I really loved. But it was when I retired, about five years ago, that I picked up the knitting again.

What is it that you really love to knit? Well I have to say, I do enjoy making children's and baby clothes very much. It's nice and fast, and you get to see the finished product rather quickly so it makes for a satisfying project. And of course my grandchildren (aged between 3 and 13) are always a pleasure to knit for. Mostly, I love a challenge - I'm not interested in making exactly the same thing twice, it has to be different each time.

And that is why we love her! You can find many of Victoria's stunning handmade pieces in store, and a few online too.

posted by Kat

Extra! Extra!

The latest Shorties newsletter is out in the world! Did this little ray of sunshine land in your inbox? If not, don't despair, you can subscribe right here (but first take a peek at all the latest goodness below).

meanwhile, on Instagram...

Handknitted wares, a shiny red apple, one very cute deer and two sweet little boys -
 these are a few of my favourite things from the Shorties instagram this week.
 If you'd like to follow along, you can find us at shortieskids.

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Bathe + Brush

I was working in the shop when a box filled with these beautiful combs and bath goodies from Brightwood arrived. Of course we had to take some pretty pictures of them! There's really something very special about well crafted, useful objects - what a perfect gift they would make for a new little person. 

Boxwood has dehumidifying properties that can help to remove heat and inhibit fungal growth. 
It can help to manage itching and dandruff.

Turkish cotton towel $49
boxwood whale nailbrush $12
boxwood bear comb $15
hair brushes $20
On-the-go comb $15
Infant bath-mitt $15

posted by Kat

Little Oldie

crochet happy bear by Mel $25
Naturebaby organic cotton onesie $29
O2 handmade cap $35
Udder cotton bib $19
handknitted cotton cardigan $49
crochet rocket ship $49

Pastel love

handknitted cotton cardi $45
Pretty Pickings handmade vintage dress/top $49
handknitted cotton singlet $39
Pretty Pickings vintage skirt $39

Apple Lunchbox

Fresh from the tree! How darn cute are these apple lunchboxes? Made in Germany by Koziol, and designed by Luisa Finke, the container has lots of room inside for lunch-time goodies and snacks. It's made from food-safe and contaminant free plastic, is 100% recyclable, and has a sturdy snap closure that makes it perfect for children (but grown ups are allowed to have one too!) 

Measurements: Length 15.5 cm, Width 16.3 cm, Height 8.6 cm 
Available in-store at Shorties

Autumn tunes....

Munster corduroy jeans $79
Dena Pezzano reversible winter hat $39
hand-knitted mittens $15
Walnut suede boots $79.95
Yarnworks cotton socks - 3 pairs for $29

Watch It! Marine Boy

70's cartoon Marine Boy is still a treasure, love that adorable theme song too!

I'm only happy when it rains...

Spalding hi-bounce balls $3 each
recycled paper notebook $12
Broken Tricycle organic cotton windcheater $35
Kidsagogo corduroy dress $59
oilcloth purse/pouch $15
Munster 'Slim Roy' cords $79
Kip boots in red suede by Walnut $79.95

Tending the Garden

Dena Pezzano reversible hat $39
retro pull-along puppy $29
Vilac garden tools kit $59
Bolz stand-alone spinning top $19
Littlehorn neon red jeans $59

High Contrast

Keith Haring yo-yo's by Vilac $19
fair trade finger puppets $5 each
Happy Socks leopard knee-highs $16
crochet beanie by Mel $19
Klippan polka dot baby blanket $85
Minti reversible bib $19
crochet handpuppets $25 each
handknitted panda beanie by Margaret $49

Out of Africa

Littlephant leather/cotton nappy bag $189
Hide & Seek stripe batwing tees in pink or yellow $35
handknitted vest $39?
Eeboo 100 piece World Map Puzzle $25 (only partly shown here)
Afribeads fair-trade elephant made in Uganda $35
Minti tracksuit shorts $45

Watch it! 'School's Out' vintage Australiana

Baby It's Cold Outside

handknitted baby pants $39
Broken Tricycle beaver long sleeved tee $35
Noli Noli handmade wooden rattle $45
Yarnworks cotton socks (pack of 3 pairs) $29
Fox friend by Ladedah
handknitted wool vest made by Victoria $35

You are getting sleepy...

Duns long orange flowers bodysuit $39
Shorties 'sleepy' bodysuit $29
Hookie vintage style hanger $9 pack of three
Alexander Girard 'Colours' board book $25
handmade fold-up changemat $45
Shorties reversible bib $15
hand-knitted scotty dog $35

Watch It! Old school Playschool

John Hamblin brings his special kind of ad-lib theatre to Playschool in the early 90's. I loved this story when I was a kid!   Kat

Birds of a feather...

Missie Munster 'tickle' tee $45
oilcloth zip pouch $15
Walnut leather boots $65
Moochie Lou handmade slim cut pants $45
Kitsch Kitchen rattle $19
Edwina Bolger blankie sausage dog $39


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