Memory Game by Alexander Girard

Kids love memory games and this one is so beautiful that you will love playing it with them. So many gorgeous designs to inspire you and the kids will never tire of turning over such pretty pictures.
Memory Game $29

Dress Love

The very clever Thouraya of 'Amelie and Atticus', has been by, and she dropped in some new dresses and capes, Yay!

A day at the Zoo

We took Harvey and Jasper to the zoo , to celebrate Harveys 2nd birthday, and it was very cute.
They were sooo excited! Here are some snaps of how our day progressed.
Im sure anyone who has been to Taronga Park Zoo will find these very familiar. xcelia

Asleep before we crossed the Harbour Bridge.

On the Table

log cushion $45 ~ Walnut gumboots $39 

Super-cute tweed caps $19

We might not be lucky enough to hibernate away the winter in a cozy log cabin, but we can bring the log cabin to fab are those log and campfire cushions? Don't forget your cosiest American Apparel hoodie and a pair of Walnut wellies!

My niece is in there!!!

Look at my sister all cute and preggers!! Adding a sweet hand knitted owl to her nursery, to watch over her soon to arrive baby girl! xJulie.

Hand Knitted vests

Above are a sweet selection of size 1 year handknitted vests, just delivered to Shorties. 
 Below are size 2-4years. All hand knitted by Elaine.

Shorties Kid, Rex.

Rex appeared in Shorties , just as a new batch of handknited vests were dropped off (Thanks Elaine) . His mum picked out the most beautiful colour for him. I think you will agree Rex looks very adorable in his new vest. Rex is 13 months old.(what a great name too)

Ivka's Picks

1. red gloves $9
2. Danefae cat tee $39
3. Jonah & The Girl sneakers $39
4. ESP no. 1 jeans $69
5. American Apparel hoodie $35

Harvey turns two.

Little Harvey is two today, Happy Birthday my little

This Plus That

Munster jumper $59 ~ ESP no. 1 skinny jeans $69 ~ Walnut gumboots $39

Kat's Tex-Mex Picks

CLOCKWISE: fair trade finger puppets $5each ~ handknit cardigan $39 ~ Munster tee $39 ~ baby cowboy boots $49 ~ fair trade worry doll hairclip $9 ~ white ESP no. 1 Jeans $69 ~ South American percussion instruments $15each

Watch it, The Pogles, 01

Do you remember the Pogles?
I had a book with them, and was so happy to find this,Take a look.

Shorties Window, Hideaway.

Shorties kids are camping in the window with their fire pillow and tent. The hideaway cabin/tent is so great, not clearly demonstrated here, but it ties up over any table. square. rectangle or round to make the best instant cubby house. Also displayed are lost of new and exciting arrivals in Shorties.
Thanks again Julie for your stunning window magic.

The Escapee

This cheeky little Robot was only in Shorties for a few minutes, when he was put out on the table,
Then he was off!

I decided to follow him and see where he was going.

Down off the Shorties front step and onto busy King St

Then he turned into Dragstar, ?? what is he up to?

He headed up the stairs and stopped for a rest on the planter box, I think hes seen me.

Now hes scrambled up to the top of the planter.What are you up to cheeky robot?

Another brief rest on the chair,


Now I understand.

Beanies and mittens, not for kittens

Awww ,cute for the little bubs. In Shorties now.

Topsy Turvey, Lion , Elephant.

Hand knitted by Rose, here is another of her wonderful Topsy Turvey animals.

These soft toys fascinate and entertain children of all ages, and you can buy one from Shorties for only $35.


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