Outfit of the Week

Brrrrr it's cold out! Warm up with a Sprocket Rocket jumper, Mine acid wash blue jeans, Munster beanie and hand knitted scarf.

Crafty Moments

We have these great painting  activities in Shorties at the moment. They are a jar full of small wooden animal shapes and an assortment of coloured paints. We took one home to try it out and J had so much fun painting for ages. We still have heaps left so they should last a while. Not a bad afternoons fun for $10.

Street Style

Cullyn snapped by the Shorties Papparazzi again! This time cozy in his Minti leggings $49, and a fantastic 'Rugger' jumper by Munster $59.
Doing his thing on South King Street, where all the rock-stars hang out.

Wall Hangings

Just in to Shorties, these wonderful wall hangings, by Melbourne brand Blink. I want one in my bedroom.

New Snoffs and Skummis goodies!

We love Scandinavian style here at Shorties so we were so excited to open the box when we received our latest shipment of Snoffs and Skummis baby and toddler creations. The prints are quirky and cute, the cotton is organic and the style is retro. Check out what's in store now!


Our favourite. Stunning burgundy velour overalls.

Too cute!

A dress for some serious monkey business!

So retro and so cute!

We love it all.

Street Style

How cool is this little dude, rocking Shorties head to toe.
This is Cullyn, Kats divine just-turned-three-year-old, snapped hanging out on South King Street.
He's sporting a handprinted Dragstar Apple tee $39, beanie crocheted by Mel $19, Handknitted Choo Choo vest $39, and rad green Chilli Kids Sneakers $35. Curls courtesy of extremely fortunate genetics. 

Shorties Kid

4 month old Aasha , looked so pretty in her new Shorties handknited beanie.x


My gorgeous niece Anais, who is the reason Shorties came into existance,really enjoys  her Cuisenaire Rods.
Not only for Maths, Cuisenaire Wooden rods make a colourful , abstract and fun play elements.
Its was quite cold in Canberra,. i think that's why all my pics look misty.

Anais named this piece 'Rainbow with cloud's, very Japanese don't you think.

They also make great building blocks and this is an Egyptian Pyramid.

Vintage finds

There is an Auction on right now. You can buy all these fantastic coin operated rides, if you can get to Victoria to pick them up. I have selected some of my  favorites from a much larger selection. I wish we could put one outside Shorties.

This crazy looking character is a real eye catcher.

What the? Do you think a kid would really ride this thing?

Now that's more like it. Very Sweet.

My personal favorite.

One for the cat lovers?

Scruffy Dog Tights

Brand new to Shorties are these deliciously coloured tights from Scruffy Dog. The cotton rich knit and beautiful tones make for some of the nicest tights we have seen in a while. If only they made them for grown ups too...
Available in sizes 6-12m, 12-24m,2-4y,4-6y,6-8y and only $10 pr, in all these stunning colours.

Snuggle bags

Just in, Snuggle bags for wriggly babies.$59 each.

Crafty Moments

Wooden bead necklaces are so easy and rewarding to make with the kids, Well Harvey just enjoyed the bead jar rattle.
Pick up jars of stunning multi coloured wooden beads and leather thonging at Bead Choice, 311 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt.


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