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Oh we do love a visit from our Shorties knitters. Especially when one of these lovely ladies pops in with a bag full of woolly, cosy goodies! This week Victoria made us more of her best selling vests and jumpers, and very kindly let me ask her a few questions for our little blog.

When did you learn to knit? Oh I think I must have been very young...see I grew up in Germany, and it was during the war, so I would have been about five or six. My tante (aunty) Hilda, who was really a second mother to me, taught me how to knit. I can actually remember spending all this time knitting a tiny potholder as a gift for my mother, and the next morning finding that my tante Hilda had finished it for me, and patched up all of my uneven stitches.

Did you always knit? There was a long stretch of time where I didn't really knit very much, if at all. When I had my own young children, I really focused on sewing clothing for them, which I really loved. But it was when I retired, about five years ago, that I picked up the knitting again.

What is it that you really love to knit? Well I have to say, I do enjoy making children's and baby clothes very much. It's nice and fast, and you get to see the finished product rather quickly so it makes for a satisfying project. And of course my grandchildren (aged between 3 and 13) are always a pleasure to knit for. Mostly, I love a challenge - I'm not interested in making exactly the same thing twice, it has to be different each time.

And that is why we love her! You can find many of Victoria's stunning handmade pieces in store, and a few online too.

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