something for the weekend #10

rare photo of Dr. Seuss at home, 1957
fellow flight path dwellers, the flight radar website is for you. My son now hears a plane approaching and we dash to check the radar. You can see the plane fly over your place in real time, and check stats like how fast it's going, where it's going, where it came from. Amazing!

homemade crumpets, oh yum.

you know we love us some vintage book love. How cute are these tiny nonsense stories?

awesome knitted shark. Kooky knitted toys are the best.

sideshows, ferris wheel, corn dogs, teacup rides. It's a night at the carnival!

when Rohan from Whole Larder Love, wrote this post about his girls being bullied for eating home packed lunches, it made me so sad. Now his wife Kate has started a blog of her own, The Lunch Lady, dedicated to gorgeous baked goods and lunchbox yums. Homemade lunches forever, we say!

something silly...Cookie Monster covers Icona Pop's 'I Love it'

DIY toilet roll llama

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