Shorties Easter Adventures

Little Dreamer 

The Freckled Frog wooden memory set - $28
Hand knit rabbit - $29
Hide &; Seek cosy jacket - $49
Knox &; Floyd block puzzle - $8
The Freckled Frog crown - $9
Hand knit blue poncho - $45
Frankie Ray sunnies - $29
Kaper Kidz skipping rope - $5

Little Adventurer

Suitcase- $49
Dragstar Jeans-$49
Click Clack Truck-$12.95
Bebe Jumper-$55
Ladadah Fox pram toy-$25
Collection of toys from Explorer kit in suit case-$55
Marbles- $5 bag
Munster purple cords-$79.99
Sture and Lisa Fox Tee shirt-$39
Woodland beginner Puzzle-$19
Ethical Hand knitted hat-$35

Little Snuggler

Uimi baby bonnet -$49
  Hand knit cardigan-$35
Hand knit Special Bear - $15
Sture and Lisa onesie-$39
Charlie Harper Colors Book-$15
Wooden Rattle-$15
 Little Titans tights-$35
Uimi Blankie-$119
Ladedah Rattle-$15
Kido Wobble fox-$15
Suit Case-$45
Hand Knitted Owl-$39
All about Heidi shoes-$39
Broken tricycle onesie-$35
Sophie Girraffe-$39
Wool Cable beanie-$29

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