How to make a Rainbow Pom-Pom

What better way to brighten up a grey day than with Rainbow Pom-Poms!

We are loving them here at Shorties and dare say we have gone a bit Pom-Pom mad. 
Now that we sell 5 different size pompom makers, it too easy to resist.
This Pom-Pom is made using the biggest Pom Pom maker
They sure are fun to make with a cup of tea whilst watching one of your favourite series, oh and they are great for the kidlets too.
You'll be a Pom-Pom pro like us in about 20 minutes!

What you need:
Here we are using the Extra Large Pom-Pom maker, which you can purchase online here.
Choose your colour combo's and a pair of scissors.

Open up the pom-pom maker. 

Start winding the wool around, making sure it's taught and close together. 
This will ensure you end up with a nice plump Pom-pom.

Wind the wool around both sides , To do just one colour, just continue to wind until quite thick,
But to make your Rainbow Pom-Pom , select another colour and...

Start winding with your next colour and repeat for all the other colours.

Once you have finished winding all your pretty colours, close the Pom-Pom maker.

 With nice sharp scissors (kiddies will need some adult help here) start cutting the wool all the way around.

The Scissors will cut through the opening in the middle of the Pom Pom Maker

Tie a piece of wool around the Pom-Pom maker in between the cracks.
Pull this nice and tight , A good tie is the key to getting a good Pom Pom,
We recommend doing a couple of knots , then wrap the wool around to the other side ,
and do some more knots. 

Make sure you tie it all the way around, knotting at both sides.
The more knots the merrier.
The whole Pom -Pom will fall apart if you don't tie and knot it properly.

 Now this is a fun bit,
Open up the Pom-Pom maker, like so..

The pull apart , and remove each side, to reveal...

The Pom Pom
Now give it a nice little massage to fluff out the wool and spread out the threads.

Finally give it a trim around the outside, snipping off any wild threads.
There you have it, super super easy!
Make a few more of these Rainbow Pom Poms ,and you could make a fab garland.

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