Bobux Shoes

Bobux is an amazing New Zealand brand of shoe made for your child's first steps and early years of walking. Made from a soft leather, the shoe offers fantastic comfort for the foot and is fantastic for breathability, especially in those hot summer months. A soft flex sole has a unique bend shape, creating a lightweight shoe that moves with the foot, without compromising support. The enclosed heel is perfect for those who have the tendency to pronate inwards.

Wear a light sock with the shoe for the first week, and the leather will break in that much faster!

We now have the Jack and Jill Sandal style in stock in Red, Navy, White, and Chocolate. Featuring a double velcro strap it is incredibly easy to put on and off, and a fantastic way to introduce your toddler to shoes. It leaves your child free to play, free to learn, and free to develop a health foot and walk.

Check out the Jack and Jill style below!

Jack and Jill Sandal - Chocolate

Jack and Jill Sandal - Navy

Jack and Jill Sandal - White
Jack and Jill Sandal - Red

Soft Flex Sole unique to Bobux

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