alley way floral art

With the beautiful weather we have been having here in Newtown, it seems spring has sprung early this year.
Perfect timing with the arrival of gorgeous wooden flower presses in Shorties (only $15), so we thought we'd spend a delightful afternoon to stop, smell and collect some blooms to make our floral art.

What you'll need....
Flower Press - tick
Paper - tick
Scissors - tick
Found flowers on a back street wander - tick

Now you are ready to get started. 
Undo all the ladybug screws, and start laying the flowers onto the paper, layering with a piece of cardboard in between the layers.

You could try a wee little bouquet...

Let leave for a week to press and set....

And the finished product....
Just don't forget to put down 2 pieces of paper with the flowers in between! 
Oops...but I think they still turned out beautifully.

Posted by Ingrid

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