We're collecting bread tags for a good cause!

You guys know we love a good cause. But did you know about the awesome recycling initiative called Breadtags 4 Wheelchairs? Well Shorties is now a collection point and the idea is this:

1. you collect those pesky little plastic breadtags instead of chucking them in the bin
2. drop them in to us here at Shorties
3. We'll send them off to be resold and recycled into new wares
4. The money from selling the breadtags will pay for wheelchairs for people in need!

Amazing right?

Mary Honeybun is the lady behind the organisation, which recycles around 400kg of bread-tags every 6 weeks, raising money to buy wheelchairs for people who don't not have the means to buy their own. Mary has been doing this since 2006, so far providing over 200 wheelchairs for people in need! That's a lot of bread-tags, and a lot of wheelchairs! Go Mary!

If you think this cause is as worthy as we do, we would love to collect your bread-tags, keep them out of landfill, and do something good. It's easy to remember to keep them, instead of throwing them away (and we promise you'll feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you're helping out).

UPDATE: One clever customer suggested that people might like to post us their breadtags, which of course would be fantastic! Breadtags can be mailed to Shorties, 537 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

 Further update July 2016
We have reached a deadend with the wheel chair fundraising, and now our NEW message is to collect breadtags to stop them from going into landfill, or entering the water,  So spread the word to family and friends to keep collecting bread tags and sending them to us and we will ensure that they are recylced , stay tuned for more on this. regards Celia

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