Haute Coutre Paper Dolls by Mon Petit Art

Haute Couture Paper Dolls by Mon Petit Art

French brand, Mon Petit Art Haute Couture Princess Paper Dolls includes five Princesses from around the globe, ready to shine with fabrics and accessories inspired by the fashion world. Gold and silver papers, sparkly stickers, hairstyles as soon as you open the box…are you ready for the fashion house runways?

The over the top Princess dresses are spacious canvases for any potential fashionistas or perhaps for any  young emerging stylists!

The kit is skill-fully thought out such as the dotted-line templates for young children who are still adjusting to utilising their scissor skills. It also allows them to use a variety of creative mediums which will result in a mixed- media collaged masterpiece! 

Hours and hours of fun to be displayed vertically on a cardboard stand so that both side of the dress can be seen!

The plentiful kit will let your child's imagination run wild and it includes the following:

5 x detachable Princess Dolls to decorate!

1 x Dye Cuts

2 x Silk Paper (dotted-line templates traced on the reverse)

2 x Pages Stickers
3 x Sheets Paper

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