Respect the Earth Flash Cards

Eeboo Respect The Earth Flash Cards 

Eeboo Respect The Earth Flash Cards uses friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. The 48 cards demonstrate answers to questions about relationship to the larger world that children can relate to. 

For example: Before you recycle containers, Rinse your recyclables! If you have a computer, Ask your parents to set to power-saver mode. To better understand the planet Spend time in nature and see what it can teach you.

The colourful cards are visually engaging for young children and the fun size of the cards make it easy to hold. 

What I like best about this set of flash cards is that they can be stowed away in the box it comes in, making it easier for children to pack them away and not easily lost around the home.

For Ages 5 and up and available in store at Shorties and online for $20.00

48 Flash Cards

Cards measure 15.2cm x 11.5cm

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