Origami Floral Fiesta by Pegasus Toy-Kraft

Origami Floral Fiesta

Folded Flowers - Forever Fresh

"Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to form intricate 3D designs.

The word 'Ori' in Japanese literally means to fold and 'kami' means paper. 
('kami' becomes 'gami' when combines with 'ori')"

The Pegasus Toy-Kraft company based in India 
offers a wide range of toys such as this beautiful Origami Floral Fiesta Kit.
Providing children with a stimulating platform that fosters 
personal expression and intellectual growth.

The box comes with the following items:

48 sheets of square origami paper
20 paper stems
1 adhesive glue and an
illustrated instruction booklet.

The clearly illustrated instruction booklet makes it easy-to-follow for young children and runs through the basic origami folds before teaching them how to complete a full flower.

The Iris, Lily, 4 Petal Flower, Berry, Tulip and an Origami Rose are some of the flowers 
you will learn how to fold in this kit.

As an example, I tried following the instructions booklet to fold the Tulip and Kusumuda Flowers
step- by- step below.

The paper comes in a variety of colours and designs such as this sweet ombre
magenta which gives your folded flowers a more dramatic 3D rendering effect.

Origami brings children's minds a new fascination while still being an educational tool  
through creative and assembling skills.

By learning each fold and tucking in corners, it helps them develop 3D construction techniques.

(This is the closed Tulip pictured above)

By pulling down the outside layers, opens the Tulip and now you can see this step creates each petal.

There is different ways you can finish the flowers either by using the paper stems,
learning to fold the leaves or by making an origami vase or bowl included in the instructions.

Here I have chosen to use the paper stems. 

And below is an example of using a folded origami leaf and it's clever how they have printed the paper using a close up image of a real leaf.

The Kusumuda Flower does require more time as it requires using glue
to stick each of the 5 folded origami petals together.  

 For younger children, this may need some supervision.

I found the glue didn't take too long to dry and it is recommended 
that each petal is attached one at a time.

You can gift a bouquet of origami flowers to someone special 
or to be used as party / at home decoration!

For Ages 5 and Up

Post by Mel.

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