Wooden Loom

Wooden Loom

Want to learn how to weave?

This weaving kit is perfect for beginners! It lets not only kids but adults as well to learn how to weave cloth and allows them to be creative with colour form. 

Comes with well illustrated instructions.
Now we can begin!

In this blog, I have also included how to make sure your weave does not come apart 
This is not included in the instructions page. 
(For this purpose I have not used the full width of the loom.)

To make sure your weave is super secure, firstly reverse your loom so the grooves are not visible and tie a knot on the first string on the right. (We will knot right to left.)

Make a back to front D and pull the long strand of wool through the D loop. Make sure you do this twice on every string until you get a row of knots. 

Now you can start weaving your wool under, over, under and over! (See the green wool.)
This is great for kids to learn hand and eye co ordination and will help with their concentration skills.

Weave bracelets, pencil cases, scarves and more. 
The possibilities are endless!

You can use the wooden comb to bring your weave together so that it looks more compact.
Be careful with your tension!

You can create stripes of colours or create basic shapes within your weave.

The kit features a wooden loom, 2 piece weaving shuttle and minimal wool to get you started.
Make sure you trim some of the ends once the weave is completed.

Dimensions 26.5cm x 17.3cm x 3.5cm

For Ages 4 and Up

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