Paper Dolls Tutorial - Cockatoo Papageno

Gorgeous new articulated paper dolls by Sydney artist, Beconservato aka Emma Kidd.
A little bit of Australian fauna transformed into the bird catcher, Cockatoo Papageno.
A great activity for the kiddies on a rainy day, all you need is some patience and imagination.

You can find them instore and online here

You will need:
A pair of sharp scissors
A selection of brads (supplied)
A small hole punch (I used the end of a safety pin)
Time and a little bit of imagination

It looks great to leave a little black border around the shapes. 
Ask for help with cutting out if you need.

Once you have finished cutting out all the pieces, lay them out on a flat surface to see how you would like them to be.
Then (making sure you have something you don't mind making little holes in, such as a cutting mat), use the tip of your sharp scissors (or safety pin in my case), punch holes where you would like them to be. Insert your brad, turn over and flatten out the metal points. Be careful the brads are sharp!
Make sure to save the 2 yellow brads for the hands.

Turn over and flatten the brads.

You now have a moving beast ready to be framed, or admired in many other ways.

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