Retro Party Games

When we found this Party Game Chapter, in the 1972 Crackerjack Annual, We just had to share this joy!, These are all great games that could be played today at your kids party, whatever the age. 
Enjoy ... 

Matchsticks and Tongs

Each players needs:
12 matchsticks
1 pair of kitchen tongs
1 matchbox tray

The matchsticks for each player should be placed in the separate heaps on the table, with the box nearby.
The players then have to use the tongs to pick up the matches and place them in the box. The winner is the person to finish.

Marbles on your head! 

For each player you will need: 
12 marbles
1 paper plate
Some string or tape

Make two holes in each paper plate so that you can thread the string or tape through to tie the plates on each of the players heads. The marbles should be placed on the table so that each player can pick up his twelve, one by one. The winner is the first person to get all twelve marbles on his plate.

Hold It - Fire!

Each player needs:
4 table tennis balls 
1 tin or jar
2 pieces of string

You can either play this game with several people at once, in which case the first person to get all four balls in the jar is the winner, or with one person at a time, allowing each a certain length of time. The winner is the person who has scored the most hits at the end of this time. You will need to tie the two pieces of string to a chair as shown here, and the player must sit on a chair some distance away, holding the other two ends of the string. The object of the game is to roll one table tennis ball at a time down the string pathway, and then let the strings fall apart to allow the ball to fall into the jar or tin. But remember that this must be done at exactly the right moment to score a hit.

Paper Cup Game

For each player you will need:
6 paper cups

The cups belonging to the players must be placed in groups of six at one end of the room, and a table is placed at the other. The players, using their mouths only, must pick up the paper cups and place them on the table opposite. You can make this game even more difficult if you want to, by starting with the cups upside-down.

A Teaspoon and Marbles 

The players need:
A tray
12 marbles
A teaspoon
A paper cup

Put the marbles beside the cups on each of the trays. Each player must hold the teaspoon in his mouth, pick up the marbles with this and then transfer them to the paper cup. The players mustn't use their hands at any time.

Cotton Reel Tower

Each player needs:
11 cotton reels

The object of the game is simply to pile the cotton reels on top of one another to make a tower. But don't imagine it's too simple, the Crackerjack record only stands at 10 cotton reels on top of one another; nobody has managed the eleventh.

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