Halloween DIY- How to make a felt Monster Mask

How to make a felt Monster Mask

Materials required:

  •           1 sheet of plain black, green, red and white felt
  •   I have also used perforated black felt for the mouth. I did this to make the mask look more fun as Shorties is a children store. However, plain black felt would also be suitable
  •   As this mask was to be used for a mannequin I have not left eye holes or a mouth hole. In the place of the eyes are two goggle eyes which are attached to two party size slinkys
  •   Two yellow buttons for nostrils
  •    One black pipe cleaner for eyebrows
  •   Finally I attached a grey ribbon on the back-side of the mask so the monster mask could be displayed on a mannequin and/or worn on your child
  •   Most materials have been joined together with a fast drying gel glue. However for creative effect some have been sewn on with a needle and thread

Image of materials 

Step by Step Guide to Making a Monster Mask


Steps 1 - 4: 

1. Use a ruler and a plate to mark out the shape of the monster's face. Then cut the black felt slightly larger to create the look of a black outline around the green felt

2. Cut perforated black felt to create a mouth. I simply used the pattern of the holes to guide me as I cut the felt

3. Freehand cut 2 sets of triangular teeth with the white felt. Then place slightly apart

4. Use the red felt to make a tongue. I cut a little curve in the top of the tongue. Then pin down with the tip of the tongue facing upward. This will create a tongue which is poking out

Steps 5 - 8:

5. Once attached pull the red felt tongue back. Also cut 2 white felt circles for the eyes. I used 2 different sized lids and then drew around them with a pencil

6. Cut and shape a black pipe cleaner in a zig-zag shape for eyebrows

7. For the monster eyes I simply glued a goggle eye to each party sized slinky

8. Cut out two white felt horns


Steps 9 - 10:

9. I also placed a stitch on each slinky to control how far forward each slinky fell forward. As I wanted each slinky to look a little bit different

10. Finally sew two buttons for nostrils and glue a ribbon to the back for wearing the mask

Take a look at these Monster masks in the Shorties Shop Window during Halloween and..

Enjoy making your monster masks for Halloween!!

Post by Sian O :)

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