Some cute Miniland Dolls and Accessories in Shorties

Good Morning all,
Here are some of our Shorties friends, our Miniland Dolls!
We love creating clothes and accessories for you to buy for your Miniland dolls.

miniland doll

Here is  sweet Ruby the  Small Hispanic Girl doll, tucked up in her lovely white wooden bed ,with her handmade floral quilt, and enjoying a morning cup of milk.

Miniland Dolls in Shorties
Now she is have a play date with her good mate Sam , the small Asian boy doll, seen here in his Shorties bib and shorts , they love their Rocking Basket Bassinet , Its quite the hang!

We love it when our Shorties Mates hand make clothes for our dolls, like these lovely Rainbow  Ponchos hand crochet by Mel. They fit the Large Miniland Dolls.
 Mel and her mum Rose knit and crochet lots of classic soft toys and accessories.

 Miniland Dolls in Shorties
 Afternoon nap, in the Groovy Retro Bedroom, with the fun handmade Shorties quilt

 Cutie baby Miniland Dolls in Shorties in handmade playsuit

OMG, look as cue this little gumnut baby, in her hand knitted Shorties playsuit

 Handmade Crochet Dolls rainbow Poncho in Shorties

This cool Rainbow Crochet Dolls poncho wont last long in the shop!, and believe it or not, we get  these made for kids as well as Dolls!

Dolls patchwork quilt Handmade for Shorties

We had these qulits made using handprint fabric from our sister shop Dragstar
We love these vibrant colours and they make a great unisex edition to ours and your Dolls Accessories collection.

 lovely Miniland Doll and her waredrobe and accessories from Shorties

This cute flatlay that we featured on our Shortieskids instagram is a mini collection of goodies we think look just adorable on Ruby our Small Hispanic Miniland Doll , like all Shorties friends , she loves baskets and rainbows, and she needs a bib because she dribbles like a trooper, only joking ! She wears it like a necklace really.
 Elegant Asian Miniland Doll at The Chinese Gardens

Wendy , on a Day trip to the The Chinese Gardens in Rooty Hill, in her Special party Dress
from Shorties, Doesnt she look smart.
Beautiful African Minland Doll in her Shorties Play suit, Exclusive to Shorties

Here we see the special Dragstar printed fabric on our Large African Miniland Doll
Its a set with a pinafore and lovely puffy bloomers. We also sell these sets. which Kathy makes for us, so they are made with love xx

 Hand knitted playsuit for our Large Miniland Dolls in Shorties

Ready for Play time? or a trip to the beach? This adorable playsuit is design and made by Shorties and based on a 50s Swimsuit.
 Tea anyone? We have lots of lovely tea sets in Shorties

More Tea Party fun in Shorties. 
We cant resist these hand painted Miniature tea sets.

 Folk doll Style in This Milniland Doll in Shorties

What a perfect straw hat , Basket and miniature village to display our popular Large Asian Miniland Doll.
We particularly love this Dress that was made for Shorties by Yvonne , Who i think of as a Fashion Designer for Dolls.

 We love Miniland Dolls, look how cute She is in her retro Gingham Playsuit

We hope you have enjoyed our little look at a few of our Shorties Girls, All available to buy in Shorties , From our Newtown or Leichhardt Shops or online 

Any questions ?
We would love to help you 
Email or Call us 

From Celia 
, Owner of Shorties

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