How to make Smeggy Biscuits

Every year Harvey likes to make his class mates some of his special biscuits.
This year when he turned 8 , he renamed them his Smeggy Biscuits and we photographed making them so you can make them too !!



You will need the following...
food colouring

some sprinkles,
we chose these because
we like all the colours

mixed lollies
we chose these because 
they have teeth to make 

mini marshmallows,
 we chose these delicious
mini marshmallows
because these are the eyes
for the faces.

you will need icing sugar.
use a medium sized bowl

add boiling water and 
mix. you may need an
adult to help you.

add a few drops of food
 colouring to the bowl.

Its lots of fun mixing in the colours

get a large tray and put some
biscuits on the tray

spread the coloured icing
on the biscuits

then decorate with the following:
marshmallows, lollies and sprinkles

use edible markers to draw eyes
for the marshmallows

get out another tray to put more biscuits
on (optional)

enjoy eating these nice smeggy biscuits.

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