Knitting Kit Cat in Wicker Basket

Knitting Kit Cat in Wicker Basket

This beautiful wicker basket contains the essentials for assembling your own cat!

Inside you will find 2 balls of black wool, knitting needles 40mm, cat eyes, string, hand sewing needles, ribbon, bells, stuffing and instructions.

First cast on your wool by following the well- illustrated instructions.

This is my first knit stitch row (below) for your reference.

Then you keep on knitting, alternating from needle to needle, until you get a rectangular piece.

It says in the instructions that it should be 20 stitches across and 32cm long.
I am a real beginner at hand knitting and this took me approximately 3 hours.

Then cast off, leaving 10-15cm length of wool for a tail
and fold the knitted rectangle in half.

Using the the string and sewing needle provided, sew up each side, 
leaving the bottom open for the stuffing.

Sew a running stitch to create the shape of the cat's ears.

Press the eyes into position and click on the backing of the eyes from inside the cat. 
This is the easy part!

I used the pink bead for the cat's nose! 

Once all the details have been added, it's time to stuff your cat and then hand sew to close.

It can be as full as you like!

Last of all, attach the bell using ribbon. 
(I cut this ribbon lengthways in half so that it was easier to thread through the bell)

Tying the ribbon around the cat's neck to finish.

Now you can carry your cat in the wicker basket for some more fun!

There is enough wool and accessories to knit another cat if the first cat feels lonely.
So don't be deterred if the first cat doesn't look like a cat, you have a second chance!

Such individual characters, now they can be your friends for ever.

For Ages 7 and Up

Post by Mel.

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