Woollen Rag Dolls

Woollen Rag Dolls

The Pegasus Toy-Kraft company based in India 
offers a wide range of toys such as this very sweet Woollen Rag Dolls Kit.
Providing children with a stimulating platform that fosters 
personal expression and intellectual growth.

The kit includes:
 2 stuffed dolls, 8 woollen yarns in multiple colours, 1 adhesive glue, 1 ribbon,
mix of rhinestones, buttons, sequins and an instruction sheet.

This kit is great to pass the time over school holidays and if you have 2 children to supervise
they can complete one each together.

Start by wrapping the wool around the stuffed doll's body to create the attire.

Create tops, long sleeve jumpers, pants or skirts by integrating other yarn colours.

Use the glue to adorn the rag doll outfits with buttons or rhinestone details.

The ideas and combinations are endless!

Easy to make and a great way to recycle any other materials from around the home.
Each doll will look individual as a one-off with charming personalities.

When finished, they will make fantastic long-lasting friends for your children.

For Ages 4 and Up

Available in store at Shorties or online for $19.00

Post by Mel.

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